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The weather has improved notably this Sunday, and will maintain the same trend for the next few days. Maximum temperatures will reach 17ºC.

The weather has improved notably this Sunday, and will maintain the same trend for the next few days. The sky will remain clear throughout the week and the rising temperatures on Sunday will not undergo any special changes, except on Wednesday, when they will drop slightly.

For him Monday A sunny environment is expected in the Basque Autonomous Community, with fogs in the Ebro Valley, according to Euskalmet. It will be an anticyclonic day, with the wind biting from the south, which in the afternoon on the coast will be set from the east. Maximum temperatures will continue to be around 15ºC on the Cantabrian slope and will be somewhat lower in the southern half. In the sky, the absence of cloudiness is expected throughout the day. The fogs in the Ebro Valley will stand out, which could be locally persistent and leave a cold and humid environment in some areas of the south of the territory.

For its part, the agency Aemet foresees a cool day in Navarra, with a decrease in the highs and lows, which will rise, on the other hand, in mountain areas. The wind will be weak and the sky will be clear, especially to the south. The fog will take center stage in the early hours of the day and will be more persistent in the Ebro valley. In addition, there could be weak and scattered frosts on the peaks of the Pyrenees.

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The Tuesday We will continue with sun, and it is that another day will arrive with mists and fogs in the early hours, which will later give way to clear skies. The first hours will be cool, but in the central hours the temperatures will warm up again. The wind will be light and variable, with the southern component prevailing. In the Ebro Valley the fogs will not be as persistent, although in parts of Navarra they may not dissipate until noon.

In Navarra, the day will be cloudy, especially in the south. The minimum temperatures will not undergo great changes, while the minimum temperatures will increase in the Ebro and in the Land of Estella, and with slight changes in the rest. Also for Tuesday frosts are expected. In addition, we will have variable light winds tending to north.

Regarding the temperatures, the maximums will be around 16 ºC in various capitals, reaching 17 ºC in the case of Bilbao. For its part, the minimums will move between 1 ºC and 7 ºC, and the coldest will be recorded in points of Álava and Navarra.

The worst floods in decades

The intense and persistent rains of the last three weeks have caused the most important floods in recent times in Euskal Herria, where Navarra has been the most affected due to the floods of the Arga and the Ebro.

In particular, the flooding of the Ebro has left worse consequences in the municipalities of Castejón and Tudela, although they are expected to subside in the coming days.

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