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Canucks assistant Brian ‘Red’ Hamilton will always thank a fan for his good health. It all happened on October 23, 2021 during his team’s game against the Seattle Kraken when Nadia Popovici, A medical student, approached the band where the technician was and wrote him a message that he brought to the glass: “The mole on the back of his neck is cancer.”

Popovici hit the glass to get Hamilton, who has been with the Canucks nearly two decades, on tour. That was when he read it. The assistant paid attention and went to ask a biopsy of the mole and found it to be stage 2 malignant melanoma, meaning the cancer was only in the outer layer of her skin and had not yet penetrated the inner layer. The insistence of the medical student allowed this early detection of cancer for Hamilton that the disease could be treated as soon as possible. “She extended my life, she saved my life,” Hamilton said Saturday.

“She didn’t get me out of a burning car like the great stories, but she did get me out of a slow fire. The words that came out of the doctor’s mouth were: if I ignored that for four or five years, not be here. I didn’t know what It was there. She pointed it out. The way she saw it puzzles me. It wasn’t very big. I wear a jacket, I wear a radio on the back of my jacket. She was a hero, “he explained. Brian ‘Red’ Hamilton who at first did not know who the person who had saved his life was. The Canucks tweeted to thank the woman who alerted the mole.

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The club asked to share a letter from the assistant himself in which he was looking for “that incredible person.” The message he showed me on his phone will be forever etched in my brain and has made a real difference that has changed my life and that of my family, “he said. And he finally found her. A member of the Ladies of the Kraken Facebook group, Yukyung Nelson, alerted: “Oh my gosh !!! This was my daughter !!!” Nelson said, adding that she had just been accepted into various medical schools. The story didn’t stop there, the 22-year-old aspiring doctor as Hamilton and Popovici met.

Following the Vancouver Canucks’ 5-2 win over Seattle on Saturday, Hamilton and Popovic got to know each other and talked for a long time. In addition, the club itself has posted the reunion on Twitter. The young medical student has received $ 10,000 from each franchise for her studies as a token of appreciation.


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