A detainee for the murder of Argentine businessman Federico Mazzoni in Playa del Carmen


The Argentine Federico Mazzoni, manager of the Mamita's Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, in an image of his social networks.
The Argentine Federico Mazzoni, manager of the Mamita’s Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, in an image of his social networks.

The Mexican Caribbean has once again become the scene of the violence that devastates the country. Argentine Federico Mazzoni, manager of a bar in Playa del Carmen, was killed this week by two bullets inside Mamita’s Beach Club, one of the most popular establishments in Quintana Roo. This Friday, a person has been arrested for the crime, as reported by the State Prosecutor’s Office. Days before, a shooting at a hotel in the same town, belonging to the Xcaret chain, left two Canadians dead and one wounded. The Governor of the State, Carlos Joaquín González, has informed that members of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Federal Investigative Agency (FBI) of the United States, as well as the Canadian Police, will travel to the country to support analysis and security in the area.

When the club where Mazzoni worked had few customers and was about to close, two armed men entered the establishment, talked with him for a few minutes and took him to the bathroom. Then they shot him twice in the head and fled on a jet ski, according to local media. The state prosecutor, Óscar Montes de Oca, has reported this Friday that the person who helped them flee has been arrested and that two others who are allegedly involved in the case have been identified.

“We have to fine-tune our strategies, optimize investigation processes and go further than crime,” Montes de Oca said this Friday before the press. The prosecutor on Tuesday attributed the attack to organized crime and drug dealing, and made reference to the Los Pelones group, which operates in the main tourist destinations in the state. That night, the United States embassy issued a security alert to its citizens visiting the Mexican Caribbean, due to the violence in the Riviera Maya, one of the main beach destinations in the world.

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Quintana Roo Police officers guard the Mamita's Beach Club complex.
Quintana Roo Police officers guard the Mamita’s Beach Club complex.STR (EFE)

The week before, a shooting inside the Xcaret hotel, the famous theme park in the Riviera Maya, left two dead and one injured. The investigation of the case, in which different federal and state entities participated, as well as Interpol and the diplomatic authorities of Canada, pointed out that the deceased were attacked by an “economic debt” that they had due to “illegal transnational activities”. This Tuesday, a man and a woman were arrested for the murder, according to the State Attorney General’s Office in a statement.

The violence that devastates the country, with almost 100 daily homicides, shows its cruelest face in this corner for at least a year. Just two months ago, in early November, an armed commando broke into another nearby hotel and killed two people at the reception. In October, a stray bullet in a restaurant in Tulum killed an Indian and a German tourist, in addition to injuring three other diners.

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