Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Quizlet Live

Quizlet in an online ed tech software. It has been one of the most recognized names in educational technology. Quizlet is very common among online educational instructors. For a long time, the app provides educators with a fun and interactive way to help students. To build confidence and thus learn educational content. The Quizlet website containslots of different tools for students. tool like flashcards and study games help them learn at their own pace. It has virtual flashcards and a system that’s easy to use thus enabling millions of students. They have furthermore found value in using Quizlet to help them study and, now, there’s a new way it’s helping with achievement.

Quizlet platform was created knowing that students learn differently. It enables all students to succeed. It started in 2005 when a high school student created an online flashcard system for studying. Since then, consequently, it’s helped countless students excel in the classroom.

Quizlet online teaching
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Quizlet Live is a collaborative learning game that students can play together from their own devices. It is the perfect tool for studying from home. Teachers need to have an account to get started. Once created, teachers can get their Quizlet Live code and share it with all students of the class.

How to play Quizlet Live

Once all have logged in to Quizlet Live, students are assigned to their respective teams. The program keeps a track of the correct answers each team gets and keeps a scoreboard for all participants to see. Teams have a better chance of winning if they answer quickly. But, of course, the main point is to make sure they answer the questions correctly and work together. If students ever answer a question incorrectly, the platform will give them an indication of their mistakes. So now they know what to focus on in order to achieve mastery. They also have an option to try different types of games that might be more suited to their style of learning – flashcards, writing, spelling, matching, and more.

Using Quizlet Live also helps students boost important interpersonal and soft skills. Students work together as part of a team to answer questions correctly and win competitions. Quizlet helps them build collaboration skills and enhance communication skills. Students witness how collaborating efficiently is the backbone of effective problem solving.

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