70.316, second fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery

The 70.316 has been the second fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery, awarded 6,000 euros to the tenth, 300 euros per euro played. Much of it has been sold in Barcelona, ​​both in the Catalan capital -100 series, about 6.3 million euros- and in the town of Lliçà d’Amunt -30 series-.

Other 30 series have been sold in Villamañán, a Leonese town of just 1,155 inhabitants. Patricia, an employee in the lottery administration, told RTVE.es her joy: “We can’t believe it. It’s been four years and we had never sold a prize. They have all been sold at a single window, to people from the town. I have given a number to a friend and I am very very happy. “

Before the 92,052 became the first fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery, consigned mostly -130 series- in the Biscayan town of Barakaldo, which is equivalent to 7.8 million euros, although a good pinch of 30 series has gone to Daimiel, in Ciudad Real.

In addition, tickets have been sold in Benidorm, Algeciras, A Coruña and Jaén, among other locations. Also in Madrid, in the famous administration of Doña Manolita, who say they are “very excited” by the award: “It came out very soon, we have looked at it and we have seen that it had been sold here, we are very happy,” they have told RTVE. is.

The 92.052, first fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery

The first of the eight fifth prizes that are distributed in this extraordinary draw of the Christmas Lottery has been the earliest of all, when the first prize table appeared on the fifth wire, at 9:23 a.m., just ten minutes after the draw started.

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Lottery Administration 3 Manises, the town where El Gordo has fallen the most times in Spain, has sold a series of each of the two fifth prizes. “Super excited, it is the reconquest after so much work. Handing out prizes is what we like the most and we also had a great morning,” they said from the administration. They have already brought out the champagne and are celebrating it: “Being a difficult year, handing out great prizes and making people happy is yet another plus.”

Also the El Perolo administration, of San Pedro de Pinatar, in Murcia, has already sold two fifth prizes. In their case, they have 24 awards in just five years, and it was an administration that was born six years ago. “It’s spectacular, you don’t get used to this, nobody takes away your nerve in the morning,” says Miguel Ángel Zapata, its administrator.

Where are the prizes collected?

In all SELAE draws there are two types of prizes: minor and major. The smaller prizes are those in which you get 2,000 euros or less as a prize, while the largest are those that exceed this amount.

The minor prizes can be charged at any of the points of sale of the Lottery Commercial Network from the day after the draw.

In case of winning more than 2,000 euros for one tenth, the winner must go to a financial institution authorized by SELAE. In order to pay the winner, the documentation and information necessary to comply with the legal obligations to identify him as a winner will be asked. In case of sharing a tenth of the Christmas Lottery, all participants must be present with your documentation. And if the group is very large, a representative of all the winners can be appointed to act and take the appropriate steps on behalf of all by means of a power of attorney in a public document before a notary public.

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Until when can I collect a Christmas Lottery prize?

For the tenths of the Christmas Lottery the term is three months, which starts counting from 6:00 p.m. on December 22, the day of the Extraordinary Draw. Once this period has passed, if you have not gone to collect your prize, you will lose it and you will not be able to do anything. you cannot claim your prize. In addition, the sooner you go, the sooner you will have the money at your disposal.

How is the Christmas Lottery collected?

If you have a lower prize, you will collect it in cash and if it is higher, by check or transfer to the bearer’s bank Of the prize. In any of the cases, the payment of the prize is made immediately, without being able to charge any type of expense, surcharge or commission, in the case of financial entities.


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