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To see where we are today, as opposed to in the past, we look at the rich history of makeup. From creating eye shadow palettes to hiding unwanted pores, make-up has come a long way since we first had vegan make-up. Today we have developed more make-up applications than you would think.

Make-up palettes are important when it comes to achieving your ideal beauty look. They can produce a natural flush or add an immediate bright splash of color. To achieve the desired radiant look on any complexion, choose the right make-up palette for you.

If you opt for a simple, soft nude shade instead of brown for a more funky look, you can finish your eye shadow with a dash of glitter or add a touch of smokey eye make-up.

Our make-up experts at UrbanClap advise you to choose an eyeshadow that is similar to your eye color. These shades deepen your eyes and bring out the best in make-up and outfit.

When purchasing a new make-up palette, it is important to pay attention to your skill level. Palettes that include dark or bold hues, harsh matte or chunky glittery surfaces are not the best options for beginners. Buying a palette with a wide range of shades that complement your skin, hair, and eye color will ensure that you can use them to create a look that compliments your natural features.
Eyeshadow is a great way to beautify your eyes, but getting your eye make-up to that point can be tricky. If you want an appealing look, you can’t ignore the importance of eye make-up. It’s the one thing that can draw attention and give you confidence like no other.

Before you dip your brush and tap the shadows, it’s important to figure out what kind of look you’re trying to create. Once you have an image in your head, the next step is to select the shades on your eyelids.
When deciding which shades to wear, consider the color of your eyes. Certain shades of eyeshadow look fantastic with certain eye shades. There is no rule for mixing or matching colors, so you need to be careful with the shades you choose in your eyeshadow palette.

First, she uses an ivory, pink eyeshadow with a morph brush (M504) to blend into her creases. She then used a soft eyeshadow with medium sand color and the same brush on her eyelids.

Next, she opts for a burnt orange eyeshadow to give her eyes a matte look. Using the same shade, the colors and accentuates her eyes with a Sigma E20 brush. For the final shade, she uses the pink shade of red ochre and uses a blending brush to add the burnt orange shade to give her a finished and smooth look.

If you use white eyeshadow, the first step is to do a primer in some form so that the other colors continue to run naturally. Then insert into the folds and mix again to switch from one shade to the next.
If you are looking for a good palette with more colors, we recommend the Lorac palette. The Lorac Pro palette contains 8 shimmering and 8 matte eyeshadows in neutral and cool-toned tones, perfect for all eyes color.
These palettes offer you a range of eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter shades in a single stylish, compact case. Pallets are convenient and practical and can fill several holes in your current make-up collection with one product. Add these 10 best matte eyeshadows and palette layers with serious staying power to your makeup collection, and get ready to be amazed by their versatility.

If you buy eyeshadow at a store like Sephora, returning is a breeze. High-end make-up costs quite a bit, and a good return policy is a bonus. Drugstores can be annoying, and you may be laughed at for trying to return eyeshadow, but that is not the case with high-quality eyeshadow palettes.

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