Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Art is an indefinite form that heals your heart in many ways. Many artists steal your heart, mind, and emotions with their unique masterpieces. And a true artist only needs some stuff to create mind-blowing masterpieces. Art is always in the minds and hands of the creator, and not everyone can see the fact and techniques behind the sketches. Many artists use different methods and tools to create excellent forms of art pieces. Some artist only needs one tool to showcase their talent in this artistic field.
Here we talk about the creations of artist Paulus Architect. He creates astonishing artworks just by using ordinary blue ballpoint pens. Only by using these pens, he sketches out the most Hyperrealistic drawings of people. He has used such techniques in his illustrations that capture the depth of the subjects using a monochrome color palette and masterful methods.
Artist Paulus Architect is a great artist who uses his ballpoint pen skills to draw sketches of many celebrities and photographers on Instagram and make them a source of inspiration. He uses different techniques and methods of working with a ballpoint pen, giving a beautiful outcome every time. He has many followers on Instagram and fans around the world. He is an inspiration and ideal person for the people in the art world and wants to learn and showcase their talent in this artistic field. He has a kind of experience in his artwork where he performs a realistic sense of painting.
The procedure to sketch out things is first; he uses featherlight strokes on the paper to give a slight impression or figure of the character in his writing. He starts working with quite thick strokes or medium strokes, giving a darker blue color present in the pen on the paper. Slowly he starts providing texture to the skin, which includes the pores and fine lines of the portrait. And similarly, he puts down stores to its depth and density as per the requirement to the portraits hairs and other parts using the same procedure. He always wants to add every minute detail of the portrait to make it more even and make it look more realistic.
On a particular note on every Architect’s sketches, he often highlights the eye part of the portrait and wants to capture the luminosity of people’s eyes given in the picture. It doesn’t matter that the figure is looking at the viewer or to the side; their gazes contain the same brilliance they would in photographs and even the real life of the portrait. He never leaves any chance to leave people unsatisfied with his artwork and sketches.
So overall, Paulus Architect is one of the best artists who can trace a natural face on a piece of paper only by using a blue-colored ballpoint pen. His artworks inspire many aspirants to join hands in this field and work with realistic portraits by using ballpoint pens.

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By Mandy Berg

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