Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

According to new studies recently conducted, there are as such no safer levels for consumption of alcohol. Increased consumption of alcohol may lead to poor brain functioning.

Although this paper is to be reviewed by peers, The University of Oxford researchers did a study in which they examined almost 25000 people. They saw the relationship between self alcohol consumers and their brain scans.

According to the clinical researcher of Oxford University, the damage in the grey matter of the brain was observed in the brain of alcohol consumers. Grey matter is the place in the brain where titbits of important information are processed.

It was observed that the more the alcohol was consumed by the person less their grey matter was. Even though brain volume reduces with the increasing age and leading to dementia, alcohol can boost this process more. Less brain volume leads to poor performance of humans.

The author stated that although alcohol only played a small role in the reduction of brain size up to 0.8 %, it was still more significant than other modifiable risk factors associated with the same.

Types and Drinking factors:

Along with the research, it was also investigated whether a different type of alcohol or other drinking pattern or any comorbidity played any role in affecting the alcohol brain relationship.

It was found that no safer limits are there in consumption of alcohol, nor the type of drink played any role in this study. Any alcohol with any amount has equal impacts rather than not drinking at all.

Anyhow, other health-related issues like high blood pressure, higher sugar levels, obesity may put alcohol consumers at higher risk.

People consider moderate drinking as completely usual or harmless, but it is not valid. Also, there is still no cure for neurodegenerative disorders like dementia, and hence taking care of the drinking practices might help escape this kind of disease at a younger age.

By Mandy Berg

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