Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

At its I/O developer conference, Google announced a slew of updates to its Firebase developer platform. There are several significant updates, most of which revolve around improving existing tools like Firebase’s monitoring capabilities and Firebase Remote Config. But there is also a complete number of new features, including a new security tool called App Check and the ability to create Android App Bundles.

According to Firebase product manager Kristen Richards “Helping developers be successful is what makes Firebase successful. So we put helpfulness and helping developers at the center of everything that we do.” She also shared that during the Covid, Google saw many people who focused on app development both as professional developers and as learners. But the team also saw a lot of enterprises move to its platform as those companies looked to bring new apps online quickly.

Maybe the marquee Firebase announcement at I/O is the updated Remote Config. It has always been a powerful feature in which developers can make changes to live production apps on the go, and they don’t have to release new versions of their app. Developers can use this for anything like providing tailored in-app experience to specific user groups and A/B testing. To the Remote Config console, Google is introducing updates to make it easier for developers to see how they are using this tool, redesigned test results pages for A/B tests, and an updated publish flow.

Google is taking Remote Config a step further now. A new Personalization feature is launched by Google that helps developers automatically optimize the user experience for individual users. According to Kristen, it is a new feature of Remote Config in which Google machine learning is used to create unique personal app experiences. The setup is super simple, and these personalized experiences are automatically created that are tailored to each individual user.

The company is improving several monitoring capabilities and Firebase’s analytics, including its Crashlytics service for figuring out app crashes. Firebase is adding support for Android App Bundles, and the Firebase team is launching App Check on the security side, now available in beta. It helps the developers to guard their app against outside threats.


By Mandy Berg

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