Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
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The conventional mobile design, that is, the one that we currently hold in our hands has its days numbered and good proof of this is Samsung’s efforts to achieve the perfect design for folding mobile phones.

A new patent from the Korean company has been revealed where it has perfected the design of its Galaxy Z Flip models. The current ones do not fold in their entirety, but there is a hole right in the hinge.

It is not the only thing that Samsung has improved for its future folding mobile phones, but the patent reveals a large device, with a larger external screen than the current Z Flip series, triple camera with LED flash and a renewed hinge that allows a complete closure.

Samsung’s new flexible mobile will be aesthetically very similar to the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G , so it’s no wonder the Galaxy Z Flip 2 is about to come out of the oven.

At the beginning of 2021 we will know the date of the Unpacked of Samsung where the S range will be presented. It is very likely that it will repeat play and present at that same event its new folding mobile that would be the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 .

Samsung’s patent was filed yesterday, December 10, with the World Intellectual Property Office and describes a folding electronic device. The patent consists of 46 pages where each aspect of the mobile is detailed .

The interior screen will be larger than the current model and will be an ultra-thin and highly flexible glass. In the hinge you can see a mechanism of scales that allow greater flexibility of the materials and manage to fold the terminal 100%, leaving it flat.

Throughout the patent it is indicated that the external screen can be used to take photos, see the time, and even to respond to notifications without displaying the terminal . This detail reminds us of the Motorola Razr , since the outer screen of the current Z Flip is only a 1.1-inch strip that does not do much.

The improvements that they are going to implement are quite logical and they will favor the terminal to be better accepted in society in general. It remains to know some details such as the processor, battery, type of screens, etc. But there are only a few weeks left to find out.

That Samsung bet on folding mobile phones was a matter of time, in fact for several days we have talked here about the discontinuity of the Note range from 2021 to favor the advancement of folding and other models such as the high-end of the S family that barely it has differences with the Note range.

By Dave Johnson

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