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With respect to the previous list, published in June of last year, six new taxpayers enter that add up to a debt of 87.8 million, while 19 leave that owed 33.3 million.

The Provincial Treasury of Gipuzkoa has published this Tuesday the fifth list of contributors with large debts with the public treasury, a list that includes 53 subjects that add up to a total debt of 292.4 million euros. Specifically, the list identifies those individuals or legal entities that had a debt of more than one million euros with the Regional Treasury as of December 31, 2019.

With respect to the previous list, published in June of last year, six new taxpayers enter that add a debt of 87.8 million, while 19 that owed 33.3 million, as explained by the Guipuzcoan Provincial Council in a statement.

The list can be consulted at the electronic headquarters of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The publication of the names is part of the “strategy to fight against tax evasion” of the regional institution and is intended to “contribute to the social delegitimization of fraud through the publicity of reprehensible tax conduct”.

The Regional Treasury seeks, through the publication of the list of large debtors, “to teach about voluntary compliance with tax obligations” and, in this way, “to achieve social rejection and delegitimize attitudes and behaviors patronizing fraud” .

The list includes the identifications of those taxpayers whose debts with the Treasury, to December 31, 2019, exceeded one million euros, not including debts in voluntary payment period or amounts deferred, fractioned or suspended.

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Among the debtors are companies such as Lagilur SL (80,225,787 euros), LH Commodities & Investments SL (22,930,693 euros), Fagor Electrodomésticos S. Coop. (8,118,093 euros), Tecfrindus SA (6,226,905 euros), El Rincón del Ebanista (6,110,155 euros), Papelera del Araxes (5,929,012 euros), Ramón Vizcaíno Refrigeración SA (5,373,923 euros), Construcciones y You contract Gedi (5,250,688 euros), or Industrias Lagun Artea (4,063,599 euros). Likewise, two Gipuzkoan taxpayers owe 31,585,802 and 31,470,396 euros, respectively.

According to the regulations, the list will be renewed next year, this time with the date of December 31, 2020 for reference. The publication of the list will not be affected by the actions carried out by the debtor after said reference date.

The proposal for inclusion in the list is usually communicated to the taxpayer, who has the 10 days to formulate allegations. After this period, the publication agreement is issued.

It is carried out by electronic means and is no longer accessible after three months from the date of publication. Likewise, the necessary measures are taken so that internet search engines do not access this information.


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