Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Sharks fall under the group of animals that have 6th senses which we humans lack. Sharks keep the ability of returning to their feeding homes every year even if it is more than 1000 miles away.

An article was published on Tuesday explaining that sharks have a special navigation power. They use the Earth’s magnetic field to find their directions.

They are not the only one who use Earth’s magnetic field for the navigation purpose. They are many more like whales, birds who use their 6th sense having the same power in order to navigate themselves to their original places.

A biologist from Florida State University who also helped in publishing this article said that this is their in built GPS kind of thing which they use for navigation. And according to them this is how sharks travel far away distances and yet reach to their original places on time.

On the outer core of the Earth, there is a swirling iron which produces the Earth’s Magnetic Field. This swirl lies nearly 2000 miles below the earth. So basically this energy protects the Earth from Solar waves and it is widespread all over the Earth.

The direction of this energy differs at different parts of the Earth hence it depends animals to use this field and find their orientation where to go.

Earlier researches were going on whether the sharks do have the sixth sense or not. Later this research was done on bonnethead shark, known as Sphyrna tiburo. These sharks keep the ability to return to its natural habitat even if they move far away for some time. So, this explains that sharks remember from where they originate and navigate back to that place.

Researchers mimicked the electromagnetic conditions in small pool and 20 bonnethead sharks were used for this study. Also, it was seen that sharks did not bother in which direction they were swimming. They already assumed that they were in correct direction. Hence, this whole research suggests that sharks have got the sixth sense.


By Mandy Berg

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