Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Recently in North California, the endangered Californian Condor’s egg has hatched. This newest member was happily welcomed by Pinnacles National Park’s recovery program for the endangered species.

This egg hatched on 12th April. Officials say that this fragile egg was completely taken care by their parents around the clock. The parents protected their precious eggs from the external predators in the most efficient way.

A video camera was set in the nest of the Condor. It was used to monitor their safety. The videos of their  parents feeding and guarding the chick was then published in the social media.

Two different wildlife sanctuaries take care of the parent condors. The two sanctuaries are 26,000-acre park in rural San Benito County about 193 kilometers south of San Francisco and another is Wildlife Society wildlife biologists. The captive bred of these condors were taken care by these two sanctuaries.

The male and female bird are together since last five years and this is the third born offspring to them. One parent is managed by the San Francisco park and named as Condor 589. The another parent is managed by the Wildlife Society and is named as Condor 569.

The officials of the park said that generally condors give birth to a chick in every two years. These condors are saving their species by giving birth to one condor in every two years. This pair has been named as “Pinnacles power couple.”

This new born condor must spend at least six months in the nest with their parents depending for food, safety and companionship in order to survive. This chick is named as Condor 1078.

The officials further added that if everything goes well, the new born condor will start its flight by mid of this October. But still it has to spend another one year under the care of their parents until in completely learns about the independence and learn how to get food after which it can mingle with other wild condors.


By Mandy Berg

Mandy is an editor and writer for Plainsmen Post. She's covered everything from the Stanley Cup Finals to the world of lightsaber combat in his young career.

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