Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Touch ID for iPhone

The Cupertino company is fully aware that its users long for Touch ID, but of course, to introduce it again would be to create mobiles with very wide frames. So they have proposed to bring back the fingerprint sensor, but this time on the screen.

Having the fingerprint reader on the screen is quite common in Android mobiles from mid-range to high-end. A very comfortable system and it works quite well, so now Apple is going to introduce the technology of an optical fingerprint sensor under the screen.

Apple is going to give more and better uses to its screens from 2021. The company that owns the iPhone knows how necessary Touch IDs are today, and forever. The truth is that the fingerprint verification option never stopped being important, Apple simply decided to do without it.

What is the problem and why not have done it before? Well, the fingerprint on the screen has a certain margin of error and it does not work as fluid and perfect that Apple looks for its iPhone.

In the patent registered by Apple a year ago , but which has come to light now, all the problems that the company sees in the application of the screen fingerprint are detailed. At the same time, it proposes certain solutions such as creating a fingerprint detector wider than usual with a beam of light to capture the image of our fingerprint and thus make the scan quickly.

Apple’s idea is several layers of screen where there is a layer that emits light, an optical layer, a filter layer and, finally, the sensor. Apple focuses especially on the emission of light, since that can cause errors and that the fingerprint is not recognized well and quickly.

The appropriate thing is that the fingerprint scan can be done from different positions and angles, so Apple has a pending task if it wants to launch an on-screen Touch ID on its next iPhone .

If this does not come to fruition, there is always the option of the iPad Air 2020 that brings a fingerprint reader on the lock button, on and off.

The on-screen fingerprint unlocking is not the only novelty that Apple will present in its next iPhone. The California-based company is adding antennas under the screen to improve coverage and connectivity for iPhones.

Display Integratable Hybrid Transparent Antenna, this is the title of a new patent where Apple makes clear its intentions to embed an antenna module under the screen that includes LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, among others.

Apple excuses itself in its patent saying that the demand to connect to more networks is increasing and that the screens are getting small. It refers to smart watches, glasses and smart devices related to health and sports monitoring.

Apple seeks to place the antennas under the screen to have more space for receiving signals without losing inches of screen. Perhaps the next iPhone will not have a notch or side edges. He also says that, at the moment, he is having problems with the antennas when sending and receiving signals.

By Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is a contributing writer for Plainsmen Post. He has been writing online content for five years. Across various publications, Dave has written about science, politics, and technology. Outside of writing, he is a fan of music and movies.

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