Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Returnal, the new game from Resogun, Alienation developer Housemarque, and Nex Machina, arrives on PS5 today. Returnal is not only PS5’s 1st big exclusive this year. It also represents a bold new direction for its maker. Housemarque has left the comprehensive factors behind to bring its tight controls, bullet hell gameplay, spectacle, and particle effects overload to third-person. A new adventure for the studio is represented by Returnal, one that also experiments with telling a good story in-between and through runs of this rogue-like.

In Returnal, the gamers play as space pilot Selene on an alien planet Atropos whose ship catches. She is forced to relive those moments with every death, only to witness a different variation of the same planet, new enemy variants, new buffs/debuffs to obtain, and a new arrangement of rooms.

To locate the White Shadow Broadcast, the player must explore the planet. In the 1st minutes of the game, the gamers will find themselves dead and lying on the ground, and in the next 10 minutes, gamers will face a foe who kills gamers in a matter of few seconds. At a crash site, once again, gamers awaken. Returnal is a third-person action game.

Returnal works as a traditional rogue-like, hoping to get a good weapon and buffs gamers to start their every run as they make their way through the game’s six locations. Die and the gamer lose all that except for one currency that carries over between runs. All the while, gamers will come across snippets of story and audio logs that help gamers make sense of what’s happening, as well as more directed narrative sequences.

Returnal is a rogue-lite. Rogue-lite adds some new abilities like making some permanent changes to player abilities or carrying over some abilities to gamer abilities which will be carried forward with each run. If gamers like games like Control or Hades, then they will also like this game.

By Mandy Berg

Mandy is an editor and writer for Plainsmen Post. She's covered everything from the Stanley Cup Finals to the world of lightsaber combat in his young career.

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