Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

PlayStation 3 receives an update 14 years after its launch. Apparently, it improves stability, security … and adds compatibility with the latest Blu-ray. Everyone may be talking about PlayStation 5 by now, but PS5’s grandmother, PlayStation 3 , has yet to be abandoned by Sony. Proof of this is that it has just received a new firmware update, version 4.87.

But how is it possible that PS3 is getting an update right now? The patch, which weighs in at about 200MB , aims to improve system performance, according to the official patch notes.

However, and as reported from the RPCS3 emulator Twitter account , it seems that there is a new function: the compatibility of the Blu-ray player is updated so that it can continue to run the latest releases in this format. Thus, you can continue using your PS3 to enjoy high definition movies.

Of course, PS5 also includes a Blu-ray player (also DVD and 4K Blu-ray) … but not its digital version, as it lacks a disc reader. Therefore, if you want to watch movies, a second-hand PS3 can be a very affordable option …

PlayStation 3 came out 14 years ago, and if you remember, it was the spearhead of the Blu-ray format created by Sony, which allowed video to be stored in high definition, with the aim of replacing DVD. Today it is still the format used by new consoles and home movie formats, although it never displaced DVD , which is still more affordable, and preferred by many users who do not have a Blu-ray player.

In fact, we would bet that the digital format, platforms and streaming will end the physical format long before the DVD format disappears. But hey, let’s hope there’s still a long way to go to get to that point …

By Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is a contributing writer for Plainsmen Post. He has been writing online content for five years. Across various publications, Dave has written about science, politics, and technology. Outside of writing, he is a fan of music and movies.

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