Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Anker, the company that designs a range of accessories for Apple products, recently came out with one of the first MagSafe-compatible battery packs. Design-wise, the power bank looks like a typical battery pack, but it has magnets built-in designed to stick right to the back of an iPhone 12 model. With some rubber accenting, it is made from a plastic material. It is lightweight and relatively small because it has attached to the phone magnetically.

More details on the MagSafe-compatible battery packs –

This power bank is not MagSafe but MagSafe-compatible, and it is limited to 5W charging rather than 15W charging like a MagSafe charger. It charges at a slower speed at 5W, but it is more convenient to use as it attaches to the phone’s back than a standard charger.

Magnetic strength is good, but it attaches well when used with a MagSafe-compatible ‌iPhone‌ case. The PowerCore Magnetic Power Bank with a 5,000mAh capacity can charge an iPhone mini 12 to complete, but for other iPhones, it charges partially. The iPhone 12‌ pro max can be charged to 75 percent and iPhone 12‌ and 12 Pro to 95 percent and. The power bank doesn’t have as much capacity as other power banks in the market but still useful as it is comfortable to use, and when the phone’s battery is zero, some amount of charge is good enough.

This can be charged over USB-C, and the charge level can be checked with the indicator lights next to the USB-C port on the device. Anker’s power bank can be used with other Qi-enabled accessories, but the magnetic attachment feature is limited to the ‌iPhone 12‌ models. The device is priced at $39.99, the same as Apple’s MagSafe charger. It cannot be charged wireless as it will charge via a Type-C port and weighs approximately 131.5 grams, and the weight is slightly less than an iPhone 12 mini.

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