Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Fit bit with alphabets of Google launched its first product with the sense of fashion on Monday. The product ranges of about $149 and is available only in Pre – order. The Luxe Fit Bit comprises of color display, in built tracker which looks more like a jewellery rather than a fitness band.

This tracker is available in gold, platinum, and matte graphite that will go with any outfit that you wear. You can wear it like a watch or it an be considered as a bangle as well.

Also, it comes with a battery life of 5 days and you can also customize your calls, messages and notifications.

This Luxe band not only takes care of the physical health but it is also now focused to take care of the mental health. One can simply connect to the Fit Bit premium app to avail the features.

Luxe band not only measures heart rate or sleep tracking but it is developed in such a way to focus on the mental health. This includes more than 200 mindful sessions that too provided by well known mental health companies.

The manager, co founder and the Vice president further said that they have designed this device in such a way the tracker is slimmer, beautifully designed and smaller with all the features that was earlier available in their previous devices along with the advancement. They have made it more advance so that it becomes beneficial to the people around the globe.

The Luxe tracker offers the customer with variety of functions. One can measure the heart rate, breath rate, skin temperature, oxygen saturation etc. It also offers exercise options like spinning, golf, tennis and many more. It suggests about your sleep cycle by calculating your sleep score. Hence it provides a complete health care package.

You can avail the complete details of the health using the fit bit premium app which is available for free for initial six months and then you have to pay around 10$ a month or around 79$ for a year.

By Mandy Berg

Mandy is an editor and writer for Plainsmen Post. She's covered everything from the Stanley Cup Finals to the world of lightsaber combat in his young career.

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