Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
RSS reader

Google revealed at I/O 2021 that Chrome for Android will be adding up a built-in RSS reader. It’s considered an experiment that may never be released, but users can try out the RSS like “Web Feed” in Chrome right now.

Google has chosen to improve the testing of the RSS-powered “Web Feed.” It is currently being tested in Chrome 94, which is the latest stable version available and following versions. As a result, this feature may be activated without having to switch to the beta app, and it has already been released for many users.

According to Google, the firm has accomplished this by having Google read RSS feeds more often as proof that Chrome can offer the most updated feed to users in the Following area on the New Tab page.

RSS was a foundational technology of the Web 2.0 era. Even today, it’s the simplest method to obtain current updates from your favorite sites without having to see the recommendation feed. While RSS was always very useful, the user experience wasn’t always perfect, despite the fact that services like Google Reader and Feedly helped a lot to make it easier to subscribe to feeds and get updates.

According to a Chrome engineering director, an iOS version is in the building process, and a desktop Web Feed is also planned to be released but not anytime soon.

The “Web Feed,” as it’s known, is compatible with Chrome 92, 94, and newer. In the address bar, type chrome:/flags/#web-feed and pick “Enabled” from the dropdown option. Restart the browser as said.

After you enable it, most websites will show a “Follow” option at the very bottom of the overflow menu. If a site does not employ RSS, Google will use its current content index to keep you reported. Tapping brings up a shortcut with a “Go to feed” link that confirms the subscription.

A new “Following” feed has been added to the New Tab Page, which adds to the current¬† discover page called “For you.”

They look quite similar, but the new one uses big cards with huge images followed by the headline, site name, post time, share, and overflow.
The following menu allows users to open in a new or Incognito tab, download a link, hide this article, which is helpful for hiding information that users have previously seen elsewhere, report content, or email comments. The main settings icon brings up a page that will allow users to manage with a new “Following” option that lets easily unfollow sites that have been added.

The Chrome for Android Web Feed is a very simple RSS reader, and users can easily find more features, but it will satisfy casual users. Google will release this beta based on the user reviews and the publisher.

It is a huge change from Discover’s algorithmic approach to developing things that users may be interested in. The amount of customization depicts how users are interested in other features. Instead, Google says that this new feature is creating deeper and interesting relationships between publishers and readers.


By Mandy Berg

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