Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

The country UAE revealed that it is going to conduct an expedition to the asteroid belt in 2028. It will be the UAE’s second mission going to research planets. The first was the Emirates Mars Mission during which they sent an orbiter named Hope to Mars in July 2020.

Hope is still alive and working, and the upcoming asteroid research will increase its achievements. Their objective is to stimulate the growth of innovation and rising companies in the UAE.

This cannot be attained without taking steps to move forward, it needs leaps of imagination, faith, and the desire for goals. They began on the Emirates Mars Mission, which is a six-year journey that is five times more complicated than the Earth-observation satellites that were being constructed.

The latest start in this huge space program will be the landing of a spacecraft on an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter to collect data on the beginnings of the cosmos.

Venus missions have been performed since the 1960s, with the Soviet Union, the United States, the European Space Agency, and Japan all successfully orbiting the second planet from the sun.

If the landing is successful, the UAE will join the European Union, Japan, and the United States as members of a club. As long as the batteries of the spacecraft last, will stay on the asteroid and send information to Earth.

The project is said to launch in 2028 and land in 2033, which will complete a five-year journey. It will cover 3.6 billion kilometers approximately. To go with enough speed to reach an asteroid that is 560 million kilometers away, the spaceship would need to boost over Venus and then the Earth.

The data that the Emirates will collect is still being discussed, but the trip will be much more difficult than previous missions as the spacecraft will go both near and far from the sun. The cost may be almost as high as the Hope Mars probe, which costs approximately $200 million.

According to research, there are around 1.1 million asteroids that are identified till now which also revolve in the solar system since their creation. The majority of them go around the sun between Mars and Jupiter, which is also the aim of the Emirati expedition. This gives us the elements that make up the world we know today.

The UAE Space Agency announced that they are going to collaborate with the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics for this expedition. They did not reveal an estimated cost for the project or specifically tell which parts of the asteroid they wanted to explore. They said that they are working on the negotiations regarding what equipment the spacecraft would carry, what will be impacted, and what parts it can explore.

In addition, the UAE will launch a 22-pound lunar vehicle named Rashid to the moon in 2022. This equipment also contains technology from three private Canadian firms which will be sent along with the Hakuto-R lander of Japanese space company space.

If this mission is successful, then UAE would become the fourth country to land a spacecraft on an asteroid.


By Mandy Berg

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