Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Twitter is making last minute reforms before closing 2020 and one of the decisions has been to buy Squad. The other decision has been to remind us that Periscope exists, but that it does not matter because it will possibly close in 2021.

For those who do not know, Squad is a tool to share screen and make video calls with up to 6 people simultaneously . During the confinement it has been used to watch series, movies and other content with friends.

Buying Squad is a smart move by Twitter, although it has not been confirmed if the company is acquired to make use of its services, to transform them into others or for the mere fact of looking for a way out of Periscope. Twitter has seen video content gaining ground, especially live streaming. Since he decided to close Vine, Twitter does not sleep well and perhaps lost the opportunity to be what TikTok is now .

Squad is now under the command of Twitter . The company itself has made it public on its Twitter profile and on its official website. Maybe Twitter is going to transform that purchase into a powerful app to share videos with an audience and make video calls, that is, go a step beyond what Squad was until now.

Twitter promoted Periscope and all live broadcasts were made through this tool. Just a few hours ago it was discovered that in the code of the Twitter app itself, Periscope is shelved.

The researcher Jane Manchun Wong was the one who located that line of code where it is intuited that Periscope could be close to his retirement. There is no more information about it, no dates, and no confirmed final decision.

Twitter acquired Periscope 5 years ago and at first it was normal to see live streams on the social network, but this tool has not been used for quite some time. Squad’s popularity skyrocketed 1,100% during the pandemic , since thanks to this tool hundreds of thousands of people made video calls with their friends, while watching series, videos, movies, etc.

In the hands of Twitter, Squad is a tool with many possibilities and more considering that now live streaming is widely used, that is why Twitch has gained popularity when before only some Internet users knew it.

What Twitter does with Squad we will know throughout 2021, so now we can just wait and place bets. What would you like Twitter to do? Would you be happy if Twitter created a real TikTok competition or would you prefer that it keep the Squad service as it is now?

By Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is a contributing writer for Plainsmen Post. He has been writing online content for five years. Across various publications, Dave has written about science, politics, and technology. Outside of writing, he is a fan of music and movies.

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