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The numbers 42833 and 91179 have been awarded with the fourth prizes, endowed with 200,000 euros for each series. This means that for every tenth played you can win 20,000 euros. 42822 has left at 10:59 and 91179, just about ten minutes later.

The number 42,833, the first quarter to leave, has watered El Espinar (Segovia), with 45 series in the number 1 administration; Comillas (Santander) with 45 others also in administration number 1; Seville, with 14.9 series in the 114 administration; and 10 in the administration number 25 of Elche (Alicante).

One of the most distributed

But, in addition, it has left pinches in many provinces and at the moment it is one of the most distributed with series also in: Valencia, Asturias, Vizcaya, Almería, Álava, Barcelona, ​​Ciudad Real, A Coruña, Guadalajara, Balearic Islands, Lleida, Lugo, Murcia, Pontevedra, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tarragona, Toledo, Las Palmas, Albacete, Badajoz, Cáceres, Cádiz, Castellón, Córdoba, Cuenca, Huesca, La Rioja, León, Lugo, Málaga, Ourense, Valladolid and Zamora.

The number was sung at 10.59 hours on the ninth wire of the fourth table. The girl of the ‘thousand euros’ and who sang the ‘Gordo’ in 2018, Aya Ben Hamdouch Chaaraqui, and the boy who sang the ‘Gordo’ last year, Alexander René Herrera, have sung this time number and ball of this first fourth prize, in addition to the second prize, and Judith García Benítez and Natalia Rodríguez Liriano, have extracted balls.

Those who are not awarded one of the two fourth prizes but stay close, will not leave empty-handed, but will get a small pinch:

  • Four and three last figures equal and equally arranged: 100 euros to the tenth.
  • Hundreds: 100 euros to the tenth.
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We must bear in mind that in the event that we get a tenth of the fourth prize, it is not taxed since the Treasury takes 20% for prizes over 40,000 euros. Our tenth would be awarded 20,000 euros, so it would be exempt.

The Extraordinary Draw of the 2021 Christmas Lottery. A highly anticipated event, which takes place this Wednesday, December 22, in which 2,408 million euros are distributed among all the winners. Despite the fact that everyone aspires to win the Gordo, not everyone will be able to win this first prize valued at 400,000 euros for the tenth player.

The probability of winning both the first prize, as well as the second and third, is just 0.001%. If we take into account that only one in every 100,000 people will win each of these awards, only 470 will win the Gordo if we take into account the number of inhabitants of our country. However, those responsible for this raffle have recalled that many other prizes will be distributed throughout this day.

News of the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway

From this year on, we will be able to collect prizes of less than 2,000 euros through the electronic payment platform Bizum: “We are adapting to society.” Just one year after reaching an agreement with State Lotteries and Betting so that lottery tickets could be bought through the platform, players will be able to use this tool to collect their prizes.

In this way, and in case we have been awarded small prizes such as stones and those numbers whose end coincides with that of the main prizes in the last three figures, we can request the prize through Bizum.

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Next, we offer you the different prizes that you can redeem through this platform:

  • Numbers before and after the 1st prize: 2,000 euros for the tenth played
  • Numbers before and after the 2nd prize: 1,250 euros for the tenth played
  • Numbers before and after the 3rd prize: 960 euros for the tenth played
  • Hundreds of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize: 100 euros for the tenth played
  • Hundreds of the 4th prize: 100 euros for the tenth played
  • With the last two figures of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: 100 euros for the tenth played.
  • Refund: 20 euros for the tenth played.


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