37 arrested for sexually exploiting ten minors

Agents of the National Police have detained in Madrid the 37 members of a band criminal that sexually exploited ten minors which he also forced to consume and distribute narcotic substances.

The investigation began last April when the agents had news that a minor eloped regularly of his place of residence and that during his absences he had sexual relations with persons of legal age in exchange for money or narcotic substances. Other companions of this minor also carried out the same escapes with the same objective, explains the Police in a press release.

They contacted them through the networks

The members of the band contacted them through social networks, gaining their trust and, later, used them to offer sexual services to clients to those who supplied narcotic substances.

In some cases they were forced to distribute the drug themselves, on board scooters and, after delivery, were sexually assaulted by the consumers themselves.

On other occasions, the detainees transferred them to the Marconi industrial estate where they offered drug buyers to have sex with them.

As reported by Efe, nine of the ten minors were under the tutelage of the Community of Madrid, something that they deny from the regional Executive.

The same source indicates that among those arrested is a 65-year-old Ecuadorian man who is in prison accused of killing another of a punch on August 12, 2021 on the avenue of Monte Igueldo, in the Madrid district of Puente de Vallecas. Another of the detainees is a YouTube rap singer, known as Saymol Fyly, with more than 150,000 subscribers on this social network. Most of the members of the band are Dominicans and, after going to court, the judge ordered the entry into prison of eight of them. Two of the victims are in a closed regime in sheltered centers.

One of the minors was locked up in a drug store for three days

The policemen learned that one of the minors remained during three days locked in a room of a narcopiso from the Usera district, run by one of the detainees.

There the procedure was the same: when clients entered to purchase their dose, the woman offered them to have sex with the minor.

In a careless moment, the victim managed to wriggle out and asked for help at a nearby tobacconist, from where they notified the National Police.

The agents discovered that one of those responsible for this criminal network had requested the services of one of the minors. He booked a vehicle with a driver to take her from the drug store to his home and, once there, he and three other men sexually abused the girl.

A hidden zulo in a Vallecas hairdresser

After identifying all the people involved, three of them women, a police operation was carried out for their arrest at the end of last year in which about 150 National Police officers participated.

Among the searches made in homes and occupied dwellings, it stands out a hairdresser in Puente de Vallecas that had a shop hidden without lighting and with a bed where, apparently, sexual practices were carried out.

The agents also discovered a camera that is being analyzed to see if it contains pornographic material of the minors.

The Police have also seized narcotic substances, useful for sale and consumption, a firearm, a machete, cash and various computer equipment.

Those arrested are charged with crimes of sexual assault, prostitution of minors, possession of child pornography, illegal detention and crime against public health.


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