336 audiovisual works aspire to win the Beldur Barik 2021 contest




The winning projects will be known this Friday at an awards ceremony to be held in Salvatierra, electronically, and which can be followed live on eitb.eus.

The twelfth edition of the Beldur Barik contest will culminate this coming Friday with the awards ceremony that will be carried out electronically due to the pandemic. The winners will be announced at Fearless Meeting, which will take place in Salvatierra on November 26. In addition to the awards ceremony, various workshops and musical performances will be organized. Beldur Barik Topaketa can be followed live on eitb.eus.

This audiovisual contest, organized by Emakunde in collaboration with the Basque Government, the three councils and Eudel, is aimed at young people between 12 and 26 years old and rewards artistic expressions that show how girls and boys face situations of inequality with a Beldur Barik attitude , that is, with attitudes that express respect, parity, freedom and autonomy, solidarity and a firm rejection of sexist violence. The works must reflect a personal and collective commitment to transform and confront the sexist culture and sexist violence.

The director of Emakunde, Izaskun Landaida, as well as the Equality heads of the councils of Álava and Gipuzkoa, Ainhoa ​​Campo and Miren Elgarresta, respectively, in addition to the mayor of Salvatierra, Ernesto Sainz Lanchares, were present during the presentation of Beldur Barik Topaketa 2021 .

As explained by the director of Emakunde, Izaskun Landaida, the participation has doubled from last year. In total, more than 400 audiovisual works have been presented, most of them done in groups in educational centers.

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Of these 400 projects, have entered the contest 336, since some of them did not meet all the requirements set out in the bases. Of these, 100 correspond to the category between 12 and 13 years old; 173 to the 14-18 year old; and 63 to that of 19-26 years. By territories, 39 are from Álava, 172 from Bizkaia and 125 from Gipuzkoa.

The main topics of the works have been sexist roles and stereotypes, sexist violence in a couple, street harassment, the empowerment of women and the demand for equality, as reported in a note by Emakunde.

Landaida has highlighted that Beldur Barik is a program that offers tools to young people so that they can detect attitudes of inequality in their relationships and that in the works that are submitted to the contest it is seen year after year, this is the twelfth edition, that “they go detecting more and more clearly what is the origin of this violence. “

Elgarresta has stressed the need to reach young people and adolescents through initiatives of this type and coeducation: “This is probably the most effective way to prevent sexist violence, unlearn those structures, roles and stereotypes, as well as the behaviors machistas that already occur in early ages, that generate inequality and that harm women, “he said.


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