Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Office documents

We explain how the function that will allow us to edit Office documents directly from our Gmail account works. The barrier that exists between our Gmail account and the attached Office documents is practically blurred to the maximum thanks to the new feature that Google has just launched and that will allow us to edit all our Office documents directly from the mail .

Until now, when someone sent us an Office document attached to a Gmail email, we could click on the corresponding shortcut to go to Workspace to edit it, something that will no longer be necessary.

Because now Gmail and Office are fully integrated, and we can now edit all those Office files directly in our mail , and best of all, we can reply to a message without having to reattach the updated file since it will already be corrected in real time.

Gmail integration with Office
The process is very simple, because once you receive an email from Gmail with different Office documents attached, you should see a new edit button next to the file that is attached. If you press it, you can edit the file without leaving the mail manager.

Along with this announcement, Google has also announced a new macro conversion add-in that will make it easier for us to transfer macros from Excel to different spreadsheets. Note that this update so that we can edit Office documents from our own Gmail mail client is a staggered update , and Mountain View clarifies that it could take weeks until it is available to everyone.

By Dave Johnson

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