280,000 new cases in 2022

The number of cancer cases expected to be diagnosed this year in Spain will be 280,101 compared to 276,239 in 2021, according to the calculations of the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN) included in the report Cancer figures in Spain 2022, which was presented this Tuesday by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM). However, the number of tumors that are detected could ultimately be lower due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, as has already happened. in 2020, when 10-20% went undiagnosed.

This underdiagnosis could translate in the coming years into a worsening of the survival of cancer patients, as the president of the SEOM, Enriqueta Felip, and the president of REDECAN, Jaume Galceran, warned at a press conference. “It is not only that more or fewer cases were diagnosed, but that the cases that show their faces will have been diagnosed later [por la pandemia], so that we will probably see a decrease in survival in the coming years for this reason“, explained the latter.

Felip, for his part, has stressed that the breast and colon cancer screening programs are currently active, not like in 2020 when they were stopped for months, and has called for no one to stop going to these appointments: ” Don’t let anyone stop going out of fear, early diagnosis is very important.”

From 280,100 cases in 2022 to 341,000 in 2040

The report presented by the SEOM and REDECAN includes not only the estimate of cases for 2022, which figures at 280,101 cases, but also makes a projection until 2040, when it is estimated that 341,000 tumors will be diagnosed in Spain. “We know that the number of new cancer cases will increase in the coming years. To the continuous increase in new cases that we have verified, we must add the impact of the delay in new undiagnosed cases during the different waves of the pandemic”, Felip and Galceran have pointed out. In fact, the SEOM has proposed in collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer and other medical societies to carry out a new study to quantify this impact.

Of the 280,101 tumors expected in 2022, practically six out of ten (160,066) occur in men and the rest (120,035), in women. Approximately 60% of all tumors are also diagnosed in people 65 years of age or older, since age is one of the risk factors for developing cancer. The probability of suffering from a tumor skyrockets in both sexes after the age of 50. At 80 it reaches 40.9% in men and 27.6% in women, while at 85 these figures rise to 48.6% and 32.2%, respectively.

Breast, lung, prostate and colon will be the most diagnosed tumors

The The most frequent tumors in 2022 will be those of the colon and rectum (43,370); breast (34,750); lung (30,948) and prostate (30,884). By sex, the most frequent in men are prostate, lung, bladder, colon and rectum. In women they are breast, colon, lung, uterus and rectum.

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