260 debtors owe 720 million to the Treasury in the CAV


Natural and legal persons


The Treasury of Bizkaia is the one that accumulates the most debt, with 442 million euros; Gipuzkoa with 167 and Araba with 110.3 at the end of 2016.

The Treasuries of the three provincial councils have made public this Friday the list of debtors whose debt exceeds one million euros at the end of 2016, which includes a total of 260 debtors with a total accumulated amount of 719 million euros.

By province, Bizkaia has the highest figures, with 155 debtors and an accumulated debt of 442 million, while the list of Gipuzkoa is made up of 65 debtors with a total amount of 167 million and that of Araba with 40 debtors with an amount of 110 million.

The majority, a company from Bizkaia

The provincial department of Bizkaia of Finance and Finance has published today the list of large debtors with the aim of preventing tax fraud and strengthening the collective tax awareness of citizens, as reported by the provincial body.

Of the list, only six correspond to natural persons, while the rest are legal persons, whose debts or tax penalties have not been satisfied after the period of entry into the voluntary period.

By volume of debt, Iurbenoir Promociones SA tops the list, as on the previous occasion – six months ago – with more than 52 million euros of debt.

It is followed by Industrias Domésticas SL, with more than 17 million euros; Abaroa SA with more than 16 million euros, and Baensa SL, Edesa Sociedad Cooperativa and Moldis Echarro SL, with more than 10 million euros.

Important increase in Araba

The number of defaulters at the Araba Treasury has gone from 26 last year to 40 in 2017, mostly companies, which owe a total of 110.3 million euros, 34 million more than in 2016.

In this list there are 40 taxpayers, of which 37 are companies and 3 are natural persons, which add up to a total amount of 110,341,987 euros of non-payment to the Alava institution.

Among the main debtors is the industrial group Ros Casares, which includes the Goya Sesenta y Nueve company, dedicated to real estate development, which last year owed 15.8 million and now has increased its default to 16.2 million.

In addition, Ros Casares Centro del Acero SL, which owed 9.8 million, has increased its default to 10.1 million.

Along with them is the construction company Urco & Urbasa UTE, which owes 10.4 million. The rest of the companies owe amounts less than 5 million and the only three natural persons accumulate an amount of 7.4 million euros.

Debts that are deferred, fractioned or suspended, or those that have not yet been notified, have not been included in this list.

Seven new defaulters in Gipuzkoa

A total of 65 Gipuzkoan taxpayers add a debt of 167 million euros to the Regional Treasury, according to the register of taxpayers who owe more than one million euros to the public treasury, released by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

As the leasehold institution explains in a note, this second edition of the list of taxpayers with “large debts” includes seven new defaulters that add up to a debt of 20 million, while the relationship leaves four that owe five million.

The list, which can be consulted on the website of the Provincial Council on the internet, is headed for the second consecutive year by the Fagor Electrodomésticos cooperative with almost 16 million in debt.

After this company, the largest defaulter in Gipuzkoa is the company Construcciones y Contratas Gedi, dedicated to urban operations and land management, with a debt of 6.5 million euros, followed by Tecfrindus, which owes 6.2 million.

El Rincón del Ebanista, with a debt of 5.98 million euros, and Papelera del Araxes, with 5.92 million, are the following in this relationship, in which there are five individuals, seven companies in liquidation and one extinct, in addition to some firms that ceased their activity years ago such as Ramón Vizcaíno, who owes 5.3 million euros.


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