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Masterchef Celebrity 6 has come to an end. After twelve weeks in which we have seen the evolution in the kitchens of the different applicants, Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal have faced each other in the closest final in the history of the contest. A final so close that it could not be resolved even because of the small details, so the jury had to make a historic decision and establish both as winners of the program: “We believe that it is fair.”

After beating Belén López and David Bustamante in the first two tests, Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal reached the grand final with the aim of showing that they had what it took to prevail in the sixth edition of the contest. As usual, the jury made up of Samantha Vallejo-Nájera, Jordi Cruz and Pepe Rodríguez asked them to prepare a menu of their own elaboration in which they would demonstrate everything they learned during their passage through the contest.

This dessert will bring my mother to memory “

While Miki Nadal opted for a menu that reflected different periods of his life, Juanma Castaño opted for a very personal menu related to Asturias. After presenting some starters and some first dishes that grated to a high level, the jury was preparing for some desserts that would determine the winner of the sixth edition of Masterchef Celebrity. But what they weren’t prepared for was one of the most emotional moments in the contest’s history.

After the jury asked Miki Nadal for the name of his dessert, the comedian admitted through tears that it was a tribute to his mother who died last February: “This dessert will bring my mother to memory. To breakfast with her. To the glass of milk every morning and to the bowl of milk with cookies or muffins that stayed in the bottom and that she made for me. “Among other things, Miki Nadal remembers how she liked the milk to burn and, above all, then scrape the saucepan to extract the burned milk: “The scorched milk is as good as rice “.

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“We have 24 editions of Masterchef and to me it is the first tear that escapes me “

For that same reason, and even with the tears on her face, Miki Nadal recognized that the dish she had presented in front of the jury brings back memories of her: “It reminds me of when she woke up every morning. But not only when she was five years old. , but until I was quite old. ” After explaining the origin of this dish, the comedian revealed that he had prepared a burnt milk ice cream with well-roasted milk yubas inside. A plate that also had biscuit cream foam and an air of passion fruit to complete the dessert.

After finishing his explanation, it was the turn of the jury. Specifically from Jordi Cruz, who admitted through tears that something similar had never happened to him: “We have 24 editions of Masterchef and to me it is the first tear that escapes me. A very nice speech, we have lived that story with you. For me that tear you have shed has a lot of value. “An opinion shared by the rest of the jury, who highlighted the heart that had put him to the test and how proud his mother must feel to have such a son.


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