Mum, 23, found dead at home by daughter, 4, who thought she was ‘sleeping’

Miley, four, thought her mum Beckka Hull, 23, was ‘sleeping’ when she found her and video-called her dad who raced over to try and help – but it is believed she passed away a while before anyone arrived

Beckka Hull, 23, from Cardiff
Beckka Hull, 23, from Cardiff pictured with her daughter

A young mum with epilepsy was found dead by her little girl after she died at home.

Miley, four, thought her mum Beckka Hull, 23, was “sleeping” when she found her on the morning of January 3.

The youngster then used her mum’s phone to video-call her dad Ethan, Beckka’s ex-partner.

He rushed over with his partner Lauren, but despite their best efforts he was unable to revive her, WalesOnline reports.

It is believed the mum, from Cardiff, passed away a while before anyone arrived. The cause of her death has not yet been confirmed.

Rachael, Beckka’s mum, said her epilepsy medication had failed to be delivered the weekend before she died and believes this could have been “one of the factors” in her death.

The 43-year-old has set up a GoFundMe page to give the young mum a send-off as well as start a trust fund for Miley.

Miley, four, thought her mum Beckka, 23, was “sleeping”


Rachael Hull)

The youngster used her mum’s phone to video-call her dad Ethan


Rachael Hull/MEDIA WALES)

She is also calling for greater awareness of the importance of taking preventative medication for epilepsy.

Mum Rachael described Beckka as a “quiet child” growing up, who came out of her shell in her teenage years and “enjoyed being around people and helping other people”.

She said: “If she could help somebody she would. She would give them her last fiver – she was happy to help anybody.”

She was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 14 and took medication for it.

Beckka gave birth to Miley at the age of 19 with her partner at the time Ethan.

Rachael said: “We don’t know what time she passed, or the cause of her death. But her four-year-old daughter found her ‘sleeping’, as she describes.”

Beckka gave birth to Miley at the age of 19


Rachael Hull)

She continued: “As soon as her dad realised the situation, he and his partner flew down to the flat as fast as they could. They phoned an ambulance on the way.”

Ethan and Lauren raced to the house while keeping Miley on the phone and arrived at 8.15am.

Rachael said: “Miley had to open a window to let them in because the doors were locked. They were able to come through the window and tried to resuscitate Beckka and they were unable to.”

Meanwhile, Miley was removed from the room as soon as the couple arrived and remained in a neighbour’s house.

Rachael said Ethan and Lauren “tried their best” to help the mum and performed CPR on her while on the phone to the ambulance, until the emergency services arrived at 8.30am.

Paramedics did not attempt to resuscitate Beckka because they said it appeared she had passed away before anyone arrived.

Rachael herself found out about her daughter’s passing at 9.30am that morning.

She said: “The police were knocking my door. As you can imagine, I was just devastated. I said, ‘Please tell me she’s arrested, wake me up from this nightmare’, but unfortunately they were coming with really bad news that she’d passed away – it was just horrendous.

“The loss is horrendous, and it’s horrendous to think my granddaughter at the age of four had to do a video-call to her dad. And then he tried to help her, but couldn’t. So it’s just been devastating”.

On the severity of Beckka’s epilepsy, Rachael said: “Unfortunately, Beckka’s medication wasn’t delivered to her that weekend – on the Friday before [her death] it failed to be delivered. So that would have been one of the factors.

“At the moment, I’m telling myself that epilepsy has taken my daughter away from me.”

Rachael admitted she had not “come to terms” with her daughter’s passing and that her main priority was to stay strong for Miley.

She added: “I haven’t really accepted that she’s gone – not yet, I haven’t. The difficult thing was telling her four-year-old daughter.

“We’re telling Miley that Mummy’s now the bright star in the sky. We just keep telling her that Mummy loved her very much and that she’ll always love her and she’ll always be watching over and when that star is bright in the sky, that’s Mummy winking at her.

“That’s kept us going at the moment. I don’t know at what point I’m going to break – I just don’t want her to see me break.”

Speaking about the GoFundMe, Rachael said: “I’m hoping to have money left over to donate to an epilepsy charity to support them and hopefully set up a trust fund for Miley’s future – so anything that Beckka couldn’t have in her life, Miley will be able to have.

“Because Beckka was very unlucky with money, but I would love to give Miley a good start in life – so she’ll never struggle with money like Beckka did.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.

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