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To the limit. Untenable. Collapsed. This is how Primary Care doctors describe the situation they have been living for a month and at a time of explosion of coronavirus infections. “We are literally being devoured by the healthcare pressure that this wave of coronavirus is causing. We are not only being devoured, we are in an agonizing situation,” denounces Dr. Ana Joyanes, spokesperson for the Association of Primary Care in the Canary Islands. The data support the complaint by the health workers. And it is happening in most of the territories of our country.

This morning, the primary care centers in Catalonia have beaten again this Monday, they beat the record of daily visits throughout the epidemic, with a total of 97,081, surpassing the 81,673 who attended last Friday, while the number of patients continues to grow. hospitalized and admitted to ICUs, and also mortality.

According to the data updated this Tuesday by the Department of Health, there are 2,290 people admitted with COVID in Catalan hospitals, 58 more than this Monday, a figure that was not given since last August 1, of which 520 are seriously ill in the ICU -20 more-, 334 of them intubated and 18 with ECMO (extracorporeal respiration).

Although the speed of spread of the virus continues to decline, visits by COVID patients to outpatient clinics continues to skyrocket and primary care collapses, with 97,081 visits registered the previous day, surpassing the more than 81,000 last Friday.

Increase the risk of regrowth

The risk of regrowth (EPG), an indicator that measures the potential growth of the epidemic, is this Tuesday of 3,896 points -38 more-, although the speed of spread of the disease (Rt), has decreased again for the eleventh consecutive day and It has been placed at 1.09 -three hundredths less-, that is to say, every 100 infected infect an average of 109 people.

The total of confirmed cases of COVID by all kinds of tests amounts to 1,550,290, of which 43,512 have been reported in the last 24 hours, while in the last 7 days there have been 147,278 confirmed diagnoses by PCR or antigen tests , with an average of 21,039 daily cases.

Record of cases in Galicia

Active COVID cases continue to increase in Galicia and reach a new record by exceeding the barrier of 71,500 for the first time since the start of the pandemic, with a total of 71,504, which is 3,780 more than the previous day, after accounting for 5,927 new infections. For its part, those hospitalized for this coronavirus increase to 510 – eight more than last day – and the positivity rate drops to 16.6 percent in the whole of the Galician Community.

According to the data updated on the morning of this Tuesday by the Ministry of Health with records until 6:00 p.m. on Monday, the number of people admitted to the ICU due to Covid-19 in Galicia decreases to 48 -five less-, but increases to 462 were hospitalized in other units -13 more-, while 70,994 patients remained under follow-up at home.

By health areas, the hospital pressure is slightly relieved in three: A Coruña-Cee, Ourense and Santiago-Barbanza; while it increases in the other four: Vigo, Lugo, Ferrol and Pontevedra-O Salnés.

More than 71,500 active cases

Active COVID cases maintain the upward trend and exceed the barrier of 71,000 for the first time in the pandemic in the framework of this sixth wave, reaching 71,504, which constitutes 3,780 more than the previous day, which represents a greater increase than the previous day, as there were again more infections (5,927) than discharges (2,138), to which were added several deaths.

According to the latest data updated by the Ministry of Health this past Monday, January 10, the accumulated incidence at 14 days in Galicia stands at 2,926.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to the 2,989.47 on average in Spain.

Spain touches 3,000 incidence cases

After the Christmas festivities, the transmission of the conoronavirus continues to rise with 292,394 infections reported during the weekend and an increase in the incidence of 267 points, to 2,989 cases, figures that continue to push the hospital pressure in the plant (13.4%) and in intensive units (23.5%), very stressed in some communities by COVID income.

Data from the Ministry of Health indicate that of the new positives notified after the weekend, 44,039 have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, while there are already more than 90,000 deaths from the virus, after recording 202 deaths, 373 of them in last week, with a mortality rate of 1.2%, compared to 1.3% last week.

In total, there are 16,496 admitted throughout Spain, 2,023 serious in intensive care units, a figure well above the 10,000 patients in hospitals at the peaks of the fourth and fifth waves.

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