Elections 2022: Brazil’s dream catharsis | Opinion

The Brazilian president, on January 5 during a press conference in São Paulo.
The Brazilian president, on January 5 during a press conference in São Paulo.NELSON ALMEIDA (AFP)

Brazil has entered a crucial year. In 2022 the fall of President Jair Bolsonaro may come, and with it the dangers of a coup involution of a military and police nature increase. The three disastrous years of its misrule, which have dragged the country into the greatest global crisis since the fall of the dictatorship, have turned the once heart of the continent’s economy into a caricature of a Republic. Brazil has not only been materially impoverished, but has seen its democratic institutions shake, attacked frontally. Brazilians have been able to cope with it thanks to the 75% of the population who continue to prefer democracy to totalitarianism.

Brazilians can feel the abyss into which the coup raptures of a simple young captain expelled from the Army for subversion are leading the country. Bolsonaro always kept an inferiority complex latent before the generals whom he has co-opted for his Government and who he lets them know that now he is the one who runs them at will.

The healthy Brazil that has not been carried away by the authoritarian pretenses of the psychopath, among which there are already a large percentage of regrets for having voted for him with the deceptive hope that Bolsonaro was going to end the old corrupt policy, today he feels betrayed .

If all the polls are not deceived, Brazil would have already decided to close the dark parenthesis of the coup-led Bolsonarism to allow the derailed train to return to its democratic rails. If so, that would be a year of catharsis that will vaccinate it from the virus of political and economic backwardness to return to being, as it was in the past, one of the greatest economic powers on the planet. Without Bolsonaro, in effect, the world of national and foreign investors will once again turn its eyes to this rich country in everything.

Without the ghost of the coup plotter, the best essences of the country will once again be rescued, which despite its size and the diversity of its people and its blemishes and sins, has always known how to live together without separatist temptations or confrontation between brothers. It has now been with the captain that Brazil has been on the brink of a fratricidal war.

This year, the second centenary of independence, should also be the liberation of a policy that came to poison the country and sow the weeds of a discord unknown to the Brazilian DNA.

For now it is only a hope based on the polls that give, all of them, the president loser. The question remains as to what the military would do if Bolsonaro were to face the ropes. The first symptoms suggest that the Armed Forces are disunited as to whether they will continue to support him or prefer to abandon him to his fate. The great unknown for the military is that everything to indicate former President Lula da Silva will win the elections. It will depend on whether the ex-unionist’s strategy of running for the elections wrapped up in the center, whom he is trying to co-opt, calms the Army’s concern. After all, Lula presided over the country for two terms without having had any confrontation with the Armed Forces, despite the fact that his Army ministers were civilians and not military.

Let this be the year for Brazil, then, of the dreamed of catharsis in which hope for a more reassuring future may emerge, without fear of losing the democracy that the vast majority of its 210 million inhabitants continue to support.

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