Drug addict slashes Lidl manager with shard of glass after trying to steal meat

Prolific offender and drug addict Janine Clough, 43, from Liverpool, was jailed after slashing a Lidl manager with a shard of glass when she was stopped from leaving the supermarket

Janine Clough, 43, from Liverpool, was jailed for her attack on a Lidl manager
Janine Clough, 43, from Liverpool, was jailed for her attack on a Lidl manager

A drug addict slashed the manager of a Lidl store with a shard of glass after she was stopped from leaving the supermarket without paying for a trolley full of meat.

Prolific shoplifter Janine Clough, 43, from Liverpool and who was once banned from the city centre, was told by a judge that her criminal record was “staggering” with 70 previous convictions for 236 offences.

While high on crack cocaine and armed with a broken coffee jar, she sliced through her Lidl supermarket manager’s uniform, leaving him with three wounds to his back in July last year, reported the Liverpool Echo.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Clough, of Liverpool Road, Huyton, was convicted of assaulting an emergency worker and given a community order along with a drug rehabilitation course by magistrates, on July 22 last year.

But just two days later she struck at the Lidl store in Kensington, at around 9pm, when she filled carrier bags with £140 of meat.

A judge said that Clough’s criminal record was “staggering” with 70 previous convictions for 236 offences


Liverpool Echo)

Jo Maxwell, prosecuting, said Clough tried to leave without paying but staff blocked the exit, so she made a phone call to a man outside, who “tried to assist her escape”.

There was a “standoff” between Clough holding the trolley and a security guard, before a “scuffle”, when Clough fell to the floor.

Ms Maxwell said Clough went to an aisle, grabbed a coffee jar, smashed it on the floor, then used the broken glass to slash at her wrists and neck.

Staff tried to stop her and the manager escorted her to a staff room, but as he turned his back to enter a security code, he was slashed.

Ms Maxwell said: “He sustained what he described as a 15-inch long scratch to his back, caused by the defendant using the shard of glass to slash out.”

She said the victim went to hospital after he was told Clough might be a carrier of Hepatitis C.

Clough, appearing via video link from HMP Styal, shouted out: “I’m not a carrier of Hepatitis C.”

Recorder Harris said the manager suffered “three wounds to his back in one long broken line”, which had to be “cleansed”.

He said: “The glass itself had cut through three layers of clothing in order to mark the manager’s skin.”

The judge told Clough: “During your restraint you scratched out at another member of staff with your nails.”

In a statement made in September, the manager said he was still awaiting the results of further tests to confirm whether he had caught the virus.

He was prescribed sleeping tablets by his GP and referred for counselling through Lidl.

The court heard Clough’s criminal record featured 135 theft or like offences; 16 offences against the person including assaults on police; robberies; and three convictions for possessing offensive weapons.

In relation to the Lidl attack she admitted theft, possessing an offensive weapon and assault causing actual bodily harm, ahead of a trial in December.

Sarah Griffin, defending, said due to her “particular vulnerabilities and mental health difficulties”, Clough only trusted one firm of solicitors and hadn’t been able to speak with them until that point.

The judge, Recorder Ian Harris, said: “She is quite experienced when it comes to the criminal justice system.”

Ms Griffin said as soon as Clough spoke to her usual solicitors she entered her guilty pleas and Recorder Harris agreed to give her 20% credit off her sentence.

The court heard Clough was in “a very abusive relationship”, which ended just before the incident.

Ms Griffin said: “Unfortunately she resorted back to drugs and that’s why she has ended up in the situation she has”.

Urging the judge to spare her jail, Ms Griffin said: “Her real concern is her mother, who is out in the community and is extremely unwell.

“This defendant is desperate to get back into the community to be be able to assist her.”

Ms Griffin said Clough had continued working with the Probation Service while in custody.

She said: “She is on methadone but more importantly she is on medication for epilepsy and deep vein thrombosis, she takes a series of painkillers, she has medication for anxiety and panic attacks, and for asthma and COPD.

“She is not a well woman at all.”

Recorder Harris said Clough, who was assessed as being “a high risk of serious harm to staff and a medium risk of causing serious harm to the public”, told a probation officer she was suffering from mental illness at the time.

However, he said: “The court mental health team have reported as recently as January 4, 2022 that you’re not open to mental health services and they have no formal diagnosis in their records.”

The judge added: “You deliberately smashed that coffee jar and then you threatened and used it as you thought necessary so you could escape.”

Recorder Harris said: “In my judgement your mental state did not impair your ability to exercise appropriate judgement, to make rational choices or to understand the nature and consequences of your actions.

“You were affected at this time by greed and by the effects of crack cocaine.”

Jailing her for two years and 11 months, he said: “You do not respond positively to attempts to rehabilitate you and can only expect significant prison sentences, which if you continue on your current course, will get long and longer.”

Recorder Harris banned Clough from the Lidl store for seven years.

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