Woman with itchy scaly patches on skin says social media taught her to love herself

Rosie McKenzie first major psoriasis flare up back in 2019, when she was just 16 years oldand still has the condition three years later which leaves her with red, flay and itchy skin

Rosie McKenzie
Rosie McKenzie

A woman with itchy scaly patches on her skin praises social media for teaching her how to love herself.

Rosie McKenzie had her first major psoriasis flare up back in 2019, when she was just 16 years old.

Now, three years later, Rosie, works as a HR apprentice, still suffers from the condition, which often leaves her face red, itchy and flakey.

The once insecure teenager credits Instagram, for helping her accept her skin condition.

Rosie, 19, said: “I’ve had flare ups for about three years now, and this year I just decided I wasn’t going to hide away anymore.

“It has been hard, because this flare up has affected my face mainly, and I’ve had to go into work, but everyone has been really good about it.

“My family and friends have all encouraged me to post about my experience on social media, which has really helped.

Rosie McKenzie showing off her psoriasis in a crop top



Rosie McKenzie with psoriasis on her face



“Posting about it has made me much happier, and showed me it’s not just me who struggles with this.

“Of course social media doesn’t always help people with body confidence and things like that, but it’s really helped me.”

Rosie, who lives in Cambridge. said that writing down her journey and experience in instagram posts was very therapeutic.

She also spoke about the journey she has been on to get to this point.

She said: “The first flare up I had, it was literally like I went to bed one night and when I woke up and my skin had completely changed.

“It was actually quite scary, because it all comes out at once, so I suddenly had all these like red dots on my skin.

“I was only 16, so it was a big shock, and it was all so quick.”

Rosie with very dry, red skin on her face



Doctors attributed Rosie’s sudden flare up to a throat infection she had at the time.

She said: “Everything happens for a reason, but this has made me truly believe it.

“Because the first flare up was such a shock, I was trying to hide, I never wanted to go out, so I really struggled.

“I posted a picture when I’d had the first flare up, and someone commented asking if I had chicken pox.

“So then of course I deleted it immediately, it was really hard.

“Then, the following year we were in lockdown, so it was easier to hide it then, because I couldn’t go out anyway.”

Usually the flare ups occur during the summer, but this year, Rosie has suffered with psoriasis in the winter too.

But she refuses to let it bring her down and is no longer ashamed of her skin.

She said:”Previously, I’ve always laid out in the sun and it’s really helped.

“Obviously at the moment that isn’t really an option, so there was nothing else for it but to embrace my skin.”

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