The drug gang whose leader hid drugs in his children’s room was sentenced to 70 years in prison | Spain

A moment of the trial against the organization, in Valladolid.
A moment of the trial against the organization, in Valladolid.Europa Press

The Provincial Court of Valladolid has sentenced the 23 members of a drug gang that distributed narcotic substances in Castilla y León and Cantabria to penalties that add up to 70 and a half years in prison. The defendants were divided into two groups: one of 16 people who agreed on the day of the trial, last November, a punishment of 41 years in jail between all, although the Prosecutor’s Office asked them for 83, and another of seven detainees who have now known a Sum of 29.5 years behind bars despite the fact that the Public Ministry claimed 46 for them, as was made public this Friday. The wife of the gang leader, who has been sentenced along with her husband, claimed that he was hiding drugs in his children’s room. A married couple accused of supplying drugs in the hostess apartments they managed has been acquitted.

Of this second round of defendants, the main accused has been LFC, which ran a club in the Burgos town of Aranda de Duero and a bar in Logroño, and who must spend six years in prison and pay a fine of 103,497 euros. The same sanction also corresponds to DSM, resident in Fuentespina (Burgos). The court considers it proven that both are perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime, but has exonerated them from belonging to a criminal group. DSM’s sentence is aggravated for recidivism, but it is lessened for his addiction to narcotic substances.

The gang was disbanded in January 2020. Its leader, JRMF, accepted six and a half years in prison and a penalty of 44,000 euros on the day of the trial. His wife, MRA, has also been convicted of drug trafficking and membership of a criminal group, must remain in jail for three and a half years and pay a fine of 8,664 euros. She assured in court that her husband, a security employee who distributed drugs among habitual users and her trusted environment in Valladolid, the city where she worked in a cannery, forced her to collaborate based on threats or violence in the form of “slaps” , as stated in court. The defendant stated that her husband, with whom she lived in Villanueva de Duero (Valladolid), even hid caches of cocaine and hashish in her children’s bedroom. The Police, when they searched the property, found in it an amount of these drugs valued at 43,000 euros.

Another of the seven convicted in this judicial resolution of the Valladolid Court is JBPL, sanctioned with four years in prison and 71,400 euros for trafficking in hashish under the aggravating circumstance of recidivism. The court ruling also states that the brothers JCLF and DLF have been sentenced to three years and imprisonment each for drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group. They confessed to the judge that their work consisted of mediating in the recruitment of potential clients and that for this mission they received cocaine stripes. JMRF, another of those arrested, will spend three years behind bars despite accusing the person responsible for the group of harassing him to attract more buyers of these substances with which they marketed.

The only two defendants of this group of nine people who have been acquitted have been the couple formed by MHSH and JCVD, who were asked for four years in a penitentiary. This couple, according to the investigation, distributed drugs related to this organization through various apartments in Valladolid where prostitution was also practiced.

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