Mum barred from pub by bouncers for being ‘too ugly’ before they steal her phone

Miss Sidebottom, who was on a pub crawl in Manchester city centre, was attacked by bouncers who called her “too ugly” before the doormen stole her £800 phone

Claire Sidebottom, who was attacked and robbed of her mobile phone by doorman Christopher Cash
Claire Sidebottom was attacked and robbed of her mobile phone by doorman Christopher Cash

A mum-of-one was attacked by two bouncers who proceeded to steal her mobile phone after she began filming them as they barred her from a pub for being “too ugly”.

Claire Sidebottom was grabbed by her handbag strap and forcibly pulled into a safety barrier at the Manchester city centre club, as she filmed the bouncers and was threatening to report them as they laughed at her.

Miss Sidebottom, who was on a pub crawl, dropped the phone before hearing one of the doormen shout: “Grab it and run”.

She never saw the £800 device again.

In a statement to police, Miss Sidebottom said the theft meant she lost sentimental photographs and was unable to be contacted by the hospital who were treating her poorly young son.

She also said she had lost faith in door staff and did not want to go out in Manchester City centre again.

Police who investigated the robbery found one of the doormen in possession of two kubotans – a weapon used in Martial Arts to place targeted force into pressure points on the body.

He has since resigned from his job on the doors of Bar Rogue, in Piccadilly Gardens.

Miss Sidebottom said the incident had made her lose faith in door staff


Claire Sidebottom/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Christopher Cash, 33, from Edgeley, Stockport, admitted robbery, common assault and possession of an offensive weapon and was ordered to pay Miss Sidebottom £1,000 compensation.

The other doorman died unexpectedly before he could be charged.

After the case full time mother Miss Sidebottom from Mossley said: ”I’m glad this man’s been punished even though I don’t think what he got enough. He was a doorman and he was there to protect people not to bully, assault and rob.

”It has been my first bar crawl for a while and I felt targeted and bullied and felt hurt because people were laughing with him. That evening I only went out to take my mind off what was going on around me at the time.

”I can’t even go out around town anymore now without feeling another bouncer will hurt me. This man took my phone that had sentimental pictures of my baby that I can never get back. He took memories away from me.”

The incident occurred on February 7 last year five weeks before the UK lockdown.

Andrew Evans, prosecuting, said: ”The defendant was a doorman at the time and Miss Sidebottom was on a night out and was queuing to get in. She encountered Mr Cash and his colleague but she recalls she was refused entry because staff said that she was too drunk and a dispute arose.

Cash has been ordered to complete a 18-month community order, 120 hours unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation requirement days


Christopher Cash/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Christopher Cash who attacked and robbed Claire Sidebottom


Christopher Cash/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

”During that time, she recalls them saying she was too ugly to be let in so she decided to record their behaviour on her mobile phone, asked for their names and threatened to send the footage to head office.

”She then recalls one of the doormen grabbing her phone from her hand but she was able to grab it back. She asked them why they thought they could take this but then recalls one of the males coming at her through the barrier, causing her to drop the phone.

”She recalled falling to the ground and the doorman saying ‘grab it and run’ to someone nearby. He looked up to see someone dressed in black running away and she never saw the phone again. CCTV shows Cash trying to grab the phone by reaching over the barrier, he then grabs hold of her bag and there is a physical confrontation.

”The bag is around her neck and she was forced forward a few steps into the metal barrier. She fights back and gets back her mobile phone. But the other doorman then parts the barrier, steps towards the complainant and grabs the phone causing her to drop it.

”Mr Cash picks it up and quickly moves out of the way and goes back inside the bar. During this period Mr Cash walks directly towards a hooded person who had been hanging around up the street. He hands the phone to him and the hooded man runs off across Piccadilly Gardens.”

Cash said he assaulted Miss Sidebottom when he lunged through the barrier dragging her forward by pulling the bag around her neck. He then stole her phone which had been dropped on the floor and handed it to an unknown hooded man.

Officers recovered one kubotan from Cash’s jacket pocket following his arrest and seized another when they searched his bag in the police station.

In mitigation for Cash, who now works as a delivery driver, defence counsel Anna Chestnutt said: “He is a conscientious gentleman who does feel bad as to what happened to Miss Sidebottom. He says she did not deserve to be assaulted and the phone should not have been taken. He understands she deserves to be compensated.

“He resigned from his role as a doorman as he felt that was a good thing to do to prevent this from happening again.”

Sentencing the judge Mr Recorder Daniel Prowse told Cash: “You were working with a colleague when Miss Sidebottom was refused entry to the bar as she was told she was too drunk. She recalls being told she was too ugly to be let in.

“She recorded the behaviour of you and your colleague on her phone asking for your names and threatening to send the footage to head office. It would seem it was that which prompted the offending that followed. She recalls one of the doormen grabbing the phone from her hand and another coming through the barrier, which caused her to drop her phone.

”You were the one who first came towards her and pulled her. You took the phone from the floor and you handed it to someone who left with it. It seems to me the purpose was to deprive her of evidence of your behaviour. You abused your power as a door supervisor in relation to her.”

Cash was also ordered to complete a 18-month community order, 120 hours unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation requirement days.

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