Elizabeth Duval: “One of the problems of the left is that it constantly asks for forgiveness” | Hour 25 | Present

Elizabeth Duval does not like to be told about generations. It is understandable because he is often asked about his youth, how it is possible that someone who, in theory, belongs to generation Z already has so much to say. At the age of 21, she has a degree in Philosophy and French Philology, has written essays, novels and poetry books. Youth does not always play in your favor. Duval acknowledges that he still crosses paths with people who do not conceive that such a young woman could be producing such an elaborate speech.

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Elizabeth Duval, in ‘Hour 25’

“Can you be an intellectual in the 21st century? Would the 21st century accept that there were intellectuals? Columnism degenerates thinking. I think that sometimes it produces sentences, instead of reflections. I don’t know if we are in a time that would consider well to the figure of the intellectuals. Rather than opinion, what works today are slogans or lies (…) It would be a mistake to think that those who speak from prejudice are always others. Anyone can fall for the types of conduct that degenerate into the mentality of the scapegoat. Everyone can fall into low passions “

“The left has to focus on an alternative project, with bases and solid and cannot play everything to demonize a ghost that is normalized. (…) In Spain, the extreme right plays against the current government because it is much more sexy and seductive to position oneself as the rebel. It is a very hypocritical position, because if you look at the components of Vox they are deeply involved in the state structure. They have held positions, they are part of families that come from positions of power and positions of power linked to the State. Even so, the extreme right tries to arrogate a presumed voice of the losers. It is an effective strategy, when the party that conveyed the discontent or reaction to the Establishment is in government “

“The left asks for forgiveness, giving up its programs so as not to get too angry. That does not mean that an attitude of dialogue is criticizable. I am not saying that we have to sentence and not admit the position of the other, but that it would be a good step to start defending ours The extreme right has a free hand to say the greatest atrocity in the world. It assumes its atrocities with a hedonistic pose. However, on the left, we just say a little thing, all of a sudden, we have to excuse ourselves. The extreme right, in change, I would double the bet “

“I think it is important that there are many female figures in the first ranks of politics. It is a good sign and yet discursively it falls into an essentialism as if inherently women were all angelic beings. As if women were to convert politics in a field of harmony and détente. There are feminist ways of doing politics, but not feminine ways. You can be a woman and be the biggest macho in the field “

“Juan Manuel de Prada and I wrote e-mails. We talked, we argued … I sent him my book ‘Madrid will be the grave’ (Tongue of Rag) and he liked the novel. We are in the antipodes and I think he is an uncle very affectionate. In the columns, he may look like a beast that screams and throws himself with its claws at everything, but in real life he is a teddy bear. He is a very respectful person. “


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