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The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, answers Àngels Barceló’s questions in ‘Hoy por hoy’. This Sunday, the chief executive has relied on a “resounding” victory in Castilla y León in the elections on February 13, “greater than that of 2019”. Representatives of the Professional Agrarian Organizations have asked in Palencia that Pedro Sánchez put order in the Ministry of Consumption after its owner made some statements about the quality of the meat. Members of Asaja, Coag and Upa received with whistles the president of the Executive who participated in the act of the presentation of the candidacy of the PSOE to the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León.

On the labor reform, Sánchez has attacked the PP for not supporting it and has asked that “for once in the entire legislature” they abandon their “destructive” position and vote yes to a reform that is “a good agreement for Spain, for the workers and employers “. Precisely this Monday, the secretary general of the PSOE heads the meeting of the Economic Area of ​​the Federal Executive with party spokespersons on the labor reform.

The right is gaining ground despite the general approval of the Government’s policies, according to the joint barometer of the SER and ‘El País’. In addition, the majority of Spaniards trust the bipartisanship to solve the great challenges of the country.

Pedro Sánchez: “Going back to school is safe”

More than 8 million students return to classrooms this Monday, January 10, after the Christmas holidays, except in the Basque Country where they returned last Friday “Back to school is safe”

“We are going towards an endemic disease instead of a pandemic as before. We must respond with new instruments to this situation. This year we are seeing how pharmaceutical companies work in this direction. I want to make an announcement. The Government of Spain is going to make an announcement. Pfizer is making the purchase of COVID antivirals. Spain will buy 344,000 doses in January. “

“In January we will have that peak of infections and we hope to go down in February. This variant is more contagious and the seriousness remains to be seen.”

Outdoor mask?

“Scientific evidence says that the outdoor mask also helps. Along with vaccination, the mask is one of the most effective measures.”

“We will convene another Conference of Presidents in January.”

“We will take some measure to control the price of antigen tests in pharmacies.”

“We have more than 90% of the Spanish population vaccinated. We are an example and an inspiration throughout the world.”

“In Spain there is also political denial”

“Minister Bolaños has told me that he has not called the PP to abstain in the vote on the labor reform, but he would see the call well.” ‘El Confidencial’ tells this morning that Félix Bolaños has contacted García Egea so that the PP abstains in the vote on the labor reform

“In Spain the political denial also exists because the right is opposed to any social advance such as pensions and the rise in the CPI; and also with the labor reform.”

“The right and the extreme right are emphasizing more about who supports these measures more than the measures. How is it possible that the opposition does not support the rise in the CPI for pensions?”

“I’m not going to get dragged into the mud”

“This Government has a parliamentary representation that has achieved two Budgets, something that has not happened since 2014. The Government of Spain has worked for the dignity of our compatriots with the minimum wage, the CPI for pensions, the labor reform, the ERTE and numerous measures. I am not going to let myself be dragged into the mud by many personal disqualifications that I hear on Wednesdays at the Government control sessions. “

“There are contacts with the opposition and the parliamentary groups. We still have pending the renewal of the decision-making body of the judges. We have opened a path of agreements with the social agents. When the right has wanted to unblock organizations, we have reached agreements. We have a denialist opposition that denies the most obvious: the very legitimacy of this government. “

The controversy over the meat sector

“I ask the opposition for respect for the institutions, respect for social dialogue and a minimum of rigor and education when doing politics.”

“It is a bad thing to lose. And from the opposition they have to make a useful dismissal”

“I am very sorry for all this controversy. We are talking about the meat sector that produces meat of extraordinary quality. And the sector follows the highest standards required by Spain and the EU.”

“I regret the statements -of Minister Garzón- that have motivated the controversy. The Government speaks in the BOE and accompanies the meat sector in a transformation.”

“The statements do not agree with the policies of the Government or with the performance of the sector. In the field of private conversations with the ministers, I will keep discretion. I insist, I regret this controversy. I think that with this I am saying everything.”

Elections in Castilla y León

“Castilla y León deserves a campaign that talks about the problems of citizens. The Government will always support Castilla y León. We will always have our hand out. And we are supporting decentralization.”

“In Castilla y León, the question is who will be the president as of February 13. When the general elections arrive, it will be all Spaniards who will respond. That will be at the end of 2023.”

Why is there a rise of the extreme right?

“The question is that democracy is questioned. And they look towards authoritarian leaderships. And that is what political denialism is doing and nurtures the extreme right of new voters. That is why it is important to dignify the lives of citizens with adequate reforms. democracy is dialogue, negotiation and agreements “.

“Every time I go to Congress I regret the level of disqualifications, but I cannot allow myself to lose heart. Spain deserves more than what the right wing shows.”

“I only have words of gratitude to my ministers. I want them to come out strengthened with the management of Vice President Yolanda Díaz.”

Will salaries be able to withstand the rise in prices?

“We must avoid that the rise in prices affects the entire economy. For now, analysts say that mid-year we will see a moderation in the price of energy.”

“The tax reform is a necessary reform and now we must consolidate the job creation data. This reform is necessary because this country is a very unequal country with children living in poverty. We must combat social exclusion and it leads to a debate about what welfare state we want. “

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