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The return to school begins and with it the doubts of parents about whether they can request a sick leave to care for their children if they become infected with coronavirus or if they confine their class due to an outbreak, since the new quarantine protocol in The schools consider the isolation of the classrooms from five positives in the same class, an assumption that it is possible that it occurs in more than one school.

“Parents whose children test positive for COVID will not have the right to receive a medical leave. Since the leave is only dispensed to those people who due to a temporary disability cannot perform their work,” explains labor lawyer Marta del Campo .

“It is true that when the coronavirus arrived in Spain, some doctors did dispense casualties for the mere fact of being a positive contact. However, it was something exceptional that was done by adopting a guaranteeing stance in the face of ignorance of the virus and its way of programming , but now practically no doctor is going to give you a sick leave for being in close contact with a positive, “he clarifies.

Other ways to reconcile

Labor leaders and unions recall that there are other options to reconcile in case of having a child positive for coronavirus or confined, such as the ‘CARE ME’ plan, in force until February 28, which is one of the extraordinary measures approved by the Government to provide coverage for workers and that allows them to adapt their working hours or even reduce it.

Another option is to request teleworking during the time that parents have to be caring for sick or confined minors. “The most efficient measure is to agree on teleworking with the company since no company wants a person who is in contact with a positive person to go to the workplace and may pose a risk to the rest of the employees. Teleworking is a a very common measure that companies are agreeing with workers in these cases, “explains Campo’s lawyer.

Social Security established a specific withdrawal

Social Security established in March 2020 a specific type of sick leave due to coronavirus that improves the benefits of the common sick leave. Covers both cases of contagion and isolation by contact with an infected person. Although, in all cases of temporary disability, not only due to COVID but due to all diseases, health professionals are the ones who issue the sick leave reports after evaluating the situation of each person and following the decisions made in the Interterritorial Council of Health.

The Public Health Commission of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System eliminates quarantines of vaccinated

The Public Health Commission of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System approved last December 21 to eliminate the quarantines of the close contacts of those positive with the Ómicron variant if they are vaccinated, although they note that, despite not being obliged to carry out this isolation , during this period of 10 days after the last contact with a confirmed case, they must limit their activities to the essential ones, reducing their social interactions as much as possible, in addition to scrupulously following the prevention measures for COVID-19 infections, such as use of masks and monitor closely for the possible appearance of compatible symptoms.

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