Can I request discharge with a positive antigen test?

A number of contagions unprecedented, vaccines and the antigen test have changed the way we live and manage the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout Spain, there are fewer serious cases of COVID-19, quarantines are shorter and we can self-diagnose at home with a test purchased at the pharmacy, but the autonomous communities have incorporated these new elements in a disparate way when counting cases or approve sick leave.

While in communities such as Madrid, Navarra, Galicia, La Rioja, Aragon or Catalonia we can directly notify that we have tested positive in a self-test, in Asturias and Murcia only accept it if it has been done in a pharmacy, and in Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha or the Basque Country they prefer that their healthcare systems repeat the test. The regional governments try to download the saturation of Primary Care with online forms for procedures such as temporary incapacity for work, but the truth is that most of the work continues to fall on health centers.

This is how each of the autonomous communities is organized.


In Andalusia, citizens can notify the health system that they have tested positive for coronavirus in an antigen test bought in pharmacies or who have symptoms compatible with COVID-19. After analyzing the case, it will be determined if it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis with a PCR. However, like many other autonomies, the repetition of the test is prioritized for vulnerable people (elderly, patients with immunosuppression …), health and social health personnel.

Once the diagnosis has been made, Andalusians can request sick leave due to COVID without having to go to the health center, through the Salud Responde app and, later, check the status of the procedure on the ClicSalud + website.


The Government of Aragon has enabled a phone (876 503 741) and an online questionnaire to report the positives for COVID detected by antigen test. In both cases, you will be asked about symptoms, vaccination status and if you need sick leave.

In this way, “the information reaches the patient’s medical history and their doctor finds out,” explains Juan Ignacio Coll, general director of Digital Transformation of the community, in statements to TVE. “If you need an appointment, they will also offer it to you.”


Residents of the Balearic Islands with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, mucus, shortness of breath, muscle pain, etc., can request appointment for a diagnostic test in the public health service, accredited private centers or in pharmacies.

Although at the moment the sick leave is managed by telephone with the health center, the island government has advanced that it finalizes an extension to be able to do it also through the web, as Europa Press collects.

Canary Islands

Canarias has chosen to channel communication with positive and suspicious cases in the freephone 900112061, which will guide the entire process: isolations, tests and sick leave.

In an online questionnaire to inform citizens, the Ministry of Health recommends calling 112 only in case of serious symptoms, such as respiratory distress.


As in other communities, we can communicate the positive result of an antigen test to the Cantabrian health service. Nevertheless, it will be considered a “suspected case”, which must be confirmed by PCR. The appointment and diagnosis, along with the rest of the guidelines, will come through a phone call or SMS.

In the event that we have symptoms of COVID-19, but the self-test is negative, it is necessary to contact the health center.

Castilla la Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha also urges citizens to contact your health center (by call, app or web page) to confirm with another test the positive result of an antigen test.

During isolation for at least seven days after the onset of symptoms, it is the responsibility of primary care professionals to manage sick leave electronically.

Castile and Leon

The Junta de Castilla y León also emphasizes that suspected or confirmed cases by antigens do not go to Primary Care or emergencies to maintain the necessary quarantine.

Instead, he asks them to call their health center and select option 0, reserved for COVID information, or to contact 112 if it is an emergency due to serious symptoms. From then on, the Castilian-Leon health services will guide and inform the patient of the process to follow if more tests or sick leave are necessary.


In Catalonia, positive antigen tests can be notified through accredited pharmacies for this and thus avoid the saturation of primary care centers. In them, they must provide their ID, CIP number, contact telephone number and the brand of the self-diagnosis test.

For the period of isolation, due to discomfort or inability to telework, Catalans and Catalans can request sick leave from the La Meva Salut app and the website, the same process as when Salut communicates the result of the test or that we are in close contact with an infected person.

Madrid’s community

The Community of Madrid has enabled a telephone (900 102 112) both for communicate the result of a positive self-test to request sick leave. “The Ministry of Health will consider this true positive result and will recommend self-isolation for 10 days, avoid receiving visits and take the usual preventive measures”, indicates the regional government.

Then, it will be the specific COVID units in primary care that will contact the citizen to report the process. Only if the symptoms worsen, with more than 38 degrees of fever or respiratory distress, is it called to contact the health center to confirm the diagnosis with a PCR.

Foral Community of Navarra

Also in Navarra, antigen self-diagnosis tests are considered a valid test to activate the COVID protocol, which requires a quarantine of at least 7 days, provided that symptoms no longer appear.

If we do the test at the same pharmacy, the staff will notify the health services of the positive. If we do it at home, we can communicate it to the pharmacy where we bought it or to the email [email protected]

Then, Health will send us an SMS with the guidelines to follow and the health centers will call us to follow up and manage sick leave when necessary.

Valencian Community

The Valencian Community has a app dedicated exclusively to the organization and care of coronavirus cases. Through it, you can make an appointment if you suffer symptoms compatible with COVID-19 or an antigen test bought in a pharmacy that has tested positive.

According to the Generalitat, “Within a maximum period of 24 hours, a health professional from your Health Center will contact you” by telephone to make the necessary evaluation for the diagnosis and execute the discharge.

At the beginning of January, the Consell has also closed a collaboration agreement with pharmacies so that they can communicate the positive tests that are done in person.


In Extremadura, the management of COVID cases -confirmed or suspected- continues in the hands of health centers, with whom you must contact by telephone. During weekends and holidays, the Continuous Attention Points will be available.


If we have symptoms of COVID-19 or a positive antigen test, in Galicia we must call the telephone of COVID information (881 540 045), fill in the “Suspicious case self-declaration” form or make an appointment for a telephone consultation with our primary care doctor, always respecting the quarantine to prevent further infections.

Thus, the doctors will call twice during the quarantine. First, to assess the clinical situation and sign the sick leave report. Finally, to report the end of isolation at 7 or 10 days, depending on the patient’s condition. As in the rest of the autonomies, if the symptoms are severe, it is not recommended to wait for the doctor’s call, but to immediately contact 061.

Basque Country

The Basque Country has enabled online forms to process, on the one hand, the notification of a positive antigen test and, on the other, sick leave. Unlike Madrid, Osakidetza will repeat the diagnostic test on people from the vulnerable group (older than 70 years, unvaccinated, pregnant or immunosuppressed) and to those who need temporary disability. The patient will receive an SMS appointment for a healthcare professional to perform the test.

Principality of Asturias

Asturias counts only the tests of positive antigens that have been carried out in the same pharmacy or in the health system network, in which case we will simply have to wait to receive the call from the doctor to follow up, manage the discharge, etc.

If we have suspicions of COVID-19 or a positive self-test done at home, we must call our health center to get another test or go to an AutoCOVID point. In any case, it is important to maintain a quarantine until we have a diagnosis.

Murcia region

In the same way, the Murcian Ministry of Health asks citizens to have a positive antigen test done at home that request an appointment in Primary Care to confirm the result, while the pharmacies themselves notify the cases detected in their network. In this way, while the patient is in isolation, the health services get in touch to assess the diagnosis and sign off if necessary.

The Rioja

In La Rioja, we can notify the result of the antigen tests through pharmacies or an online form. Thus, we enter the same circuit as with a test carried out in the public health system. The process continues with a call in the following days from the COVID Unit. For any questions regarding the disease, quarantines or casualties, in addition, the Riojan Government has launched the telephone number 941 29 83 33.

Ceuta and melilla

For the moment, Ceuta and Melilla are sending to communicate with the health centers if there is a suspicion of COVID-19 infection. Through an online form or the appointment service, the reason for the consultation can be indicated.

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