Bridal boutique owner left speechless by brutal note comparing shop to ‘prison’

The four-page onslaught which slams Tara’s decor, her displays, and even lashes out at her customer care for brides was posted to the studio as an anonymous handwritten note

Tara was left stunned when she opened the letter and read its contents
Tara was left stunned when she opened the letter and read its contents

The owner of a bridal boutique was left speechless when she received a handwritten note comparing her shop to a prison cell and a graveyard.

Tara Trethowan, 50, describes running her independent bridal wear shop, The Bridal Studio in Cornwall, as ‘more of a vocation’ than a job, putting love into everything she does.

But after discovering a letter on November 30, Tara was shocked to find it was a handwritten four-page rant, lashing out at nearly every aspect of her business, including comparing the walls to “prison cell” grey and flowers “from a graveyard”.

The confused mum-of-three who has been running the shop since 2015 posted the note on social media in a bid to find the anonymous critic, with many soon coming to the business owners defence online.

The Bridal Studio has been running since 2015 as a successful business


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Tara said: “It’s pretty ridiculous. Usually when we get letters they are from brides with a photograph of them in their dress thanking us for helping them.

“We didn’t really know what to make of it and at first thought it was maybe a bit of a joke.

“We don’t usually get handwritten letters, it was a bit of a shock.

“If somebody felt aggrieved by our windows and they were so upset about it then why didn’t they sign the letter, e-mail us or write a Google review.

The scathing handwritten note goes on over the course of four pages


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“At first I was disappointed to think that somebody felt like that about us because I put a lot of effort and love into what I do.

“I haven’t got a clue who wrote the letter, that’s the million-dollar question.”

The note goes on to describe Tara’s shop as “uninspiring and unattractive” and “wasting a prime high street position with thoughtless displays”, as well as suggesting Tara doesn’t care about her brides.

Throughout the nameless author aggressively tries to advise what they think she should do with the displays, encouraging her to go to other bridal boutiques, dress the mannequins instead of “dumping” the gowns on them, and tells her to buy decorations from The Range.

But many have rushed to Tara’s defence online dismissing the unkind note as ridiculous


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The anonymous writer said the letter “was difficult to write” and that Tara’s displays should be “full of joy”.

Tara added: “It isn’t a job, it’s like a vocation really.

“I love what we do and feel very privileged to be able to help brides find their dress.

“So to get a letter like that my first thoughts were ‘wow, god I’ve really upset somebody’.

“But as it’s gone on I’m thinking that it was somebody who’s got a bit too much time on their hands and I got it in the neck for whatever reason.

“Everybody has an opinion and it’s all subjective but I’m genuinely keen to know what drove them to write it.”

Tara has encouraged the author to come forward and welcomes constructive criticism


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Now however the writer of the scathing note has come under fire themselves after Tara’s social media post racked up more than 3,300 likes, with many condemning the letter.

One person said the letter was “an absolute load of b*******”.

Sam Jane wrote: “I despair of the human race sometimes. So bloody rude and thoughtless.”

Christine Woods said: “Oh my goodness, this beggars belief.

“Everyone has an opinion but why not put your name on it.”

Charlotte Emily White commented: “This is literally so savage, uncalled for and inaccurate.

“This person is a k*ob”

And Judith Oliver weighed and said: “I look forward to seeing your windows whenever I’m in or passing through Helston.”

Tara welcomed the person to come forward and offer any expertise they may have.

She said that she is always trying to improve her businesses and is happy to hear constructive criticism.

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