Working in the matrix; Stevens wears many hats

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Meet the person who works in the Matrix.

Director of Enrollment, and CAMS Manager and coordinator for Virtual College of Texas Michele Stevens has worked at FPC 17 years.

Her job comes with a lot of responsibility, but “I have the flexibility to really do my own thing and help people,” Stevens said.

Stevens was born and raised in Borger and has “two kids, Kaisha and Kaiden, I am married to a wonderful and very supportive man, Billy,” she has two grand-dogs named Hermes and Safiya, Stevens said.

She has an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Applications from FPC and an Associate of Science in General Studies from FPC, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Walden University, and “I am working on my Master in Science in Higher Education at Walden University.” Stevens said.

Michelle Ludiker has known Stevens for about 11 years, but has worked with her at FPC for three years.

“She does what she does with everything that she has, and it is refreshing to see that,” Ludiker said.

One of Ludiker’s favorite memories with Stevens is when occasionally all of the people in their office get to spend a few moments together “we will all get to sit and be mean to each other,  make jokes and tell stories, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is refreshing,” Ludiker said.

Sophomore Layn Clawson is an advisee of Stevens.

“I always go to her before the semester starts and she tells me what I need to take and never tries to make me take a course I don’t want to take,” Clawson said.

Stevens said she decided to work at FPC because “the faculty and staff at FPC when I was a student impressed me and I wanted to be a part of FPC.”

Stevens has become one of the wonderful staff members at FPC that make your time worthwhile, “she is always super nice and asks how my classes and everything are going, and never gets mad or aggravated when I stop by,” Clawson said.

Some of her duties include being “a custodian of all student records, state and federal reporting, and advising students, as well as upkeep of the student information system, registering students and any other duties that come along with these jobs,” Stevens said.

Ludiker said Stevens does everything.

“We tell her she works in the Matrix because she will run what’s called a report which just has a bunch of ones and zeros. She knows what they mean, but none of us do,” Ludiker said. “It is so hard to get her away from her work because she is just so busy.”

Stevens said the students and activities with the students are some of her favorite memories, as well as classes that she has taught and “just overall the lives that I have touched and the friends that I have made over the years. I love my job and all of the students at FPC.”

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Working in the matrix; Stevens wears many hats