Discounts college students should know about

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With all the materials that students need to get through their school day, managing expenses can be difficult. Fortunately, that is where student discounts can help stretch already thin dollars.

Student discounts are specialized discounts that are only available to actively enrolled college students. These discounts can prove to be crucial when taking into consideration how much an average college student spends on daily things. Discounts are typically available at fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, which offers students a free cheeseburger or McFlurry with the purchase of any large value meal, or Taco Bell, free extra taco with any meal.

To use these discounts, students must carry their campus ID to prove that they are enrolled.

Sometimes students are not even aware of these discounts.

“Honestly, I’ve never been offered a student discount, or knew of any I could use,” Freshman Malorie McAllister said.

These discounts are not just available at fast food restaurants, either. Name brand stores such as Banana Republic, J. Crew, 24 Hour Fitness and Cinemark also offer student discounts. Some Apple Stores offer the discount as well and may take off as much as $200 on certain items like MacBooks or iPads. There is also a student discount for Apple Music which makes the monthly price $4.99 instead of $9.99.

Sophomore Kayla Brown said she uses the student discount for Apple Music because it is cheaper and convenient for iPhone users, “because I can download the music and listen to songs without using my data, it also syncs with my Mac laptop,”

Amazon offers a student discount for Prime membership. A student must find the option and then enter their student email. This discount will cut the membership in half, resulting in the membership being $49.99 instead of $99.99.

Freshman Markesha Haines uses the student discount with Amazon Prime because, “it is a cheaper option and with Prime you get your orders faster than you normally would,”

Music streaming app Spotify also offers the student discount of $4.99 instead of $9.99 for their premium plan.

Students who are on a tight budget but still want to splurge should never be afraid to ask if the establishment offers the discount, because often the answer is yes.

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Discounts college students should know about