Changing field of study resulted in passionate FPC professor

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Moore discusses sociology.
Photo by Erica Wheeler

Education has been a big part of Jan Moore’s life ever since she was a little girl. There was no question about her being a teacher. With both of her parents being teachers, education has been like a second language to her.

“It has always seemed as natural to me as breathing,” Moore said.

She remembers asking other 4-year-olds what their mothers were doing their dissertations about, since her mother was working on her PhD.

Moore grew up in Canyon where she later attended WTAMU to achieve her Bachelors in Education and her Masters in English. She has been with Frank Phillips since 1990, beginning her career here as an English Professor.

Moore said she gets bored doing the same thing for a while, “so I went back to school and found something that hasn’t bored me yet.”

With her additional 36 hours in sociology and psychology, she currently teaches Intro to Psychology, Intro to Sociology, Human Sexuality and FYIS, to name a few. She also sponsors the Art Club.

Moore said she hopes that her students take away, “the ability to feel comfortable being exposed to ideas that are outside their comfort zone,” from her classes.

Freshman Kelsi McDonald, who has her for FYIS, said she liked how open and honest Jan is with her students.

“Ms. Moore is a caring, energetic person, with the best attitude about everything,” McDonald said.

A role model of Jan’s is her father, who made the decision to learn something new every year at the age of 40, “to keep himself young.” She said some of the activities he has partaken in have been absolutely wild, for example wanting to learn how to fly a plane. Her father built himself a plane in their garage then moved on to get his pilot license before flying that plane for 25 years.

“He never waits for something to happen; he makes it happen,” Moore said.

Coworker and best friend Professor Lisa Duncan said they met when she signed up for a class of Moore’s. She had heard so many great things about Jan as a teacher and wanted to see for herself. Duncan said she not only learned a lot about sociology and psychology but also gained, “a wonderful friend.” Duncan said she wishes more people knew just how creative Jan is.

“She can paint, she can sew, she quilts…she does all kinds of things,” Duncan said.

Jan’s favorite quote is, “life is not a dress rehearsal.” Trying her best to live by that, she fills her days up with meaningful and fun activities the best way she can.

Moore said she would like to spend more of her time partaking in her hobbies. She plans to continue teaching full time for another two years or so before retiring and becoming an adjunct professor.

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Changing field of study resulted in passionate FPC professor