Websites to make textbook searching easier

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When taking a college class most times a person needs to buy a textbook. Whether they are waiting on financial aid to come in or not, there are many places to buy textbooks at low prices. The books come in many forms like bound, loose leaf, new, used or digital. Each form costs a different price if students are looking to save some money.

One website to get textbooks from is This website will let the buyer choose where to have the book shipped and how long it will take to arrive. The person buying the textbook must have an account to do anything more than look. There is also a feature that gives the option to rent, buy used books or digital versions of the book. Depending on the year the book was published can also help save some money. There is also a way to sell the used textbooks back to make a little extra money after the semester is finished. For those looking for the psychology book required for the General Psychology class offered at Frank Phillips, Amazon has the book ranging from $12.14 to rent, $34.20 used and $64.93 new.

“Someone can preview or review some pages of a textbook to make sure that they are getting the right one before you buy it and if it’s not what they are looking for, it is able to be returned,” freshman Andrea Hernandez said.

Hernandez said that she gets her books from Amazon because they offer Prime and the books arrive in two days.

“I get my books online like most students. I use Amazon-Smile because the website will donate money to a charity of your choice,” sophomore T.J. Whiteley said.

Sophomore Sarah Hiser said that she gets her books from Amazon.

“It is quick and cheaper than most places,” Hiser said.

Similarly, at Barnes & Noble it offers the same thing as Amazon, but one does not have to have an account or membership to order anything off the website. There will even be a coupon offered sometimes to save more money. The bookstore offers shipping to anywhere a student will need. If the book is needed next day, it can be shipped at an extra price. The same psychology book ranges in price from $63.54 to rent $210.10 to buy new or $115.55 used.

Additionally, over at the website claims to offer the books needed at a lower price to save anyone some money. They offer the ability to give solutions to any textbook questions and access to a tutor. This website has every form of book except for loose leaf if a person prefers that. Someone does have to have an account to order but they can look and compare prices as needed. Price ranges for the psychology book is $12.44 to rent $42.49 for a used copy and $30.97 for digital on this website.

Another option is the publisher of the book itself. The publisher can sometimes offer a better deal for all the books needed and there should be no worry about if it is the right one or not. The publisher will offer the book in bound, loose leaf, and digital form. They offer new books only, with or without some extras available, and students can get access instantly if needed through digital form. They will ship anywhere just like the other sites.

A more local option is the Facebook page Frank Phillips College Textbooks by Students. This page gives students the option to sell their books to other students. It also helps get the word out to more people who are looking for a book as well as help that student sell the book quicker. Students who would like to use the Facebook page need to like the page and post the book that they are selling. Everyone who has liked the page will get notifications of new books as they are posted.

There are more sites out there, just search through the internet and see which ones offer the best prices. There may be a copy for use in the TRiO lab or even in the library, but if someone needs one to highlight and write in then these, websites or more maybe best for getting the right kind of book for the semester.

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Websites to make textbook searching easier