Candidate makes stop in Borger

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Democratic congressional candidate Greg Sagan said one of the most important things for the younger generation is to “be cautious and informed, take action and vote.”

Sagan made a stop in Borger on his listening tour.

Sagan, from Amarillo, announced his candidacy on June 24 and said he is “not your usual congressional candidate.” Sagan decided to run for office to give the people of the Texas Panhandle a voice. Sagan said he never sought a public office before, but was inspired to run after the results of the 2016 election.

Sagan said he is nervous about the state of the country and wants to take action to make the constituents’ voices heard.

“I am here to work for you because if you vote for me, I will be (working for you),” he said. Sagan served in the US Navy for 14 years and wrote weekly columns for the Amarillo Globe-News for 14 years. According to, Sagan has a BA in Political Science with a minor in History from West Texas State University (West Texas A&M University), and an MBA in Organized Behavior with a minor in marketing from the University of Colorado. Sagan has also completed coursework for a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations with minors in Labor Economics and Research Methodology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Republican Mac Thornberry has represented District 13 for 22 years.

“Mac is more likely to tell you what he doesn’t oppose than what he does like,” Sagan said.

According to various media reports, Thornberry voted against Hurricane Harvey relief would send $15 billion in aid to Houston because of issues tied in with the bill that would push the deadline for spending past the end of the fiscal year.

“I think it’s ridiculous. If an independent nation had done this to Houston it would be considered an act of war,” Sagan said.

A variety of people attended, including a Republican State Delegate, other reporters, and former federal employees. At the listening tour event, attendees were asked to make a list of three to five important issues on a local or national level for Sagan to address. They were then put into groups to summarize their lists, then each table read their lists while Sagan’s son wrote the issues down to compile one long list.

One of the issues many people in the audience agreed on was a need for single-payer healthcare for all. Also mentioned were climate change, representation, and gun reform.

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Candidate makes stop in Borger