Students find way to balance home, school

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Balancing schoolwork is difficult, let alone managing a family.

Many students at Frank Phillips College not only manage to get their homework done but also manage families.

“Balancing school and family is a bit tricky, I am taking six classes this semester and have a 15,13, and 11-year-old,” sophomore Kayla Deatherage said. “It is a bit crazy at times, but we help each other out.”

Sophomore Rachel Sandoval said said she’s learned to let go of the things that get in the way of her priorities.

Sophomore Clawson said she has struggled to find balance.

“I worked a lot and would pick up extra shifts to provide for my son,” said Clawson, who wants to be a guidance counselor. “This semester I am taking 4 classes and not working to see how I do with that.”

Deatherage, who studies education, said she takes classes while her kids are in school, which is convenient.

“They get out of school I help them with homework until 5 and I go to night classes,” she said. “When I get home, they are getting ready for bed and then I study until 1-3 am.”

Sandoval, who is also studying education, said she would tell any student parent to involve their family in everything they can.

“If that means doing your homework while having your child sit with you and color. The only thing that has made school easier for me is praying and having my mom help babysit.”

Clawson said has made things easier.

“My adviser Ms. Moore is super helpful and TriO, they’re all super nice and helpful and you don’t feel like an outsider when you walk in.”

Deatherage said her favorite thing about FPC is its size.

“I love small classes where I can have more interactions with professors and students.”

Finding a way to manage all of the extra curriculars and classes, work, and school can be difficult, but making time for yourself is important.

“My favorite thing would be eating ice cream with my baby and husband, and just sitting on my front porch,” Sandoval said.

Clawson spends her free time in a more solitary fashion.

“I have about three hours when I am done with classes and before my son gets out of school and I take the best naps ever,” she said.

Deatherage has lots of varied interests.

“I love to watch my kids play sports, I also love to travel, and I love to decorate,” she said.

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Students find way to balance home, school