New year’s resolutions

Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Editor In Chief

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The Plainsmen Post staff is already making plans for the fall of 2017.

Next year the focus will be on reporting more about happenings on or around campus, like games and gatherings, as well as events happening around Borger. The newspaper staff would also like to do more events for the staff itself, like movie nights and more.

Sophomore Mercedes Ott will head up the staff as editor-in-chief, and sophomore Erica Wheeler will service as assistant editor.

The Plainsmen Post wants to be involved in any and every way possible at FPC. In order to do that, we need you to sign up and join us. If you have any questions or even suggestions for the newspaper feel free to contact Professor Robyn Line at [email protected] or Ott at [email protected]. Hope to see you in the fall!

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New year’s resolutions