Sex debunked

Emory Elliott, Editor-in-Chief

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Photo by: Mercedes Ott

Sex: Let’s talk about it.

It’s important to be mindful, respectful, and knowledgeable about what happens behind closed (or open) doors. To help clear myths and questions, as well as give history, facts, and knowledge about the biology and psychological aspects of sex, Professor Jan Moore has accepted the task of teaching Human Sexuality.

“I kept noticing that my students had lots of misinformation about sex, and saw the class as a way to address that,” Moore said.

As part of the class, students learn exactly what sex is, the benefits, and the risks.

“I hope that taking this class will help me to better understand my fellow humans and why they do the things they do or don’t,” student Sandy Lane said.

Topics include contraceptives, sexualities, self-discovering, and STIs. All subjects are taught in depth and give students essential information that might not have been given in earlier educational settings. Human Sexuality involves speaking about other specific topics that may not be suitable to everyone, Lane said.

“This class is better suited for college students because they should be a little more mature and able to handle openly discussing these topics,” Lane said.

Despite other serious topics, each day brings on a new topic and new opportunities for hilarious stories.

“I always learn something in every class I teach,” Moore said. “I’ve learned that sex can be funny, too.”

The course is scheduled to be taught next in spring 2019, as it’s on a two-year psychology course rotation, Moore said.

“I enjoy any class taught by Moore,” Lane said. “She is open to new ideas any comment from anybody, in any class, especially this one.”

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Sex debunked