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Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Photo Editor

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Photo by: Erica Wheeler, Mercedes Ott

Frank Phillips College uses evaluations help improve courses and the professors know exactly what you wrote on them, but not by who wrote them. There are two types of evaluations within the FPC system, there is the written out evaluations that are given to the students in class at the end of the year. Then there are the evaluations that are placed on the Student Portal that students must complete for every course or they will not be able to see their final grades.

So why are these evaluations so important? For starters, the professors use the evaluations as a source for progressive ideas to help improve their courses.

“Most of my ideas come from the evaluations. [They] help me make the class better for next semester,” history professor John Jordan said. “If the system worked the way it is designed, it would be a good system.”

I asked him to expand on that thought.

“Meaning, if the students were 100 percent serious about making the class better, the system would be great,” Jordan said.

Government professor Lydia Howell said that constructive feedback is important.

“Rudeness is not necessary,” Howell said.

I have to agree. How do you fully evaluate someone if all you do is tell them how much you dislike them? Granted, one may very well not like the professor, but one should act like an adult and suggest ideas to the professor to help them improve the class which, in turn, may help better the professors themselves.

“A student can say they don’t like how I do something all day long, but that doesn’t help me if I don’t know what that person needs,” Howell said.

No, the professor’s jobs or dignity do not hang in the balance within these evaluations. However, as a student, one could help improve courses if  one were to give solid advice. Instead of saying ,“I hate the quizzes,” possibly suggest what could help make the quizzes better for all students.

As for the online evaluations, when it asks for suggestions for FPC itself, be honest. If there is something not right with something in the class, let them know. Suggest ideas to help them make courses better.

Personally, I feel as though students of FPC should take the evaluations seriously, not only to help themselves, but to help students in future semesters and the school itself, as a whole.

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Evaluation destination