Review: Vessels has sci-fi sound

Mercedes Ott, Plainsmen Post Photo Editor

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Vessels // Starset

The album Vessels is a new and exciting piece of work that has come from American Cinematic Rock band, Starset. The album was released on Jan. 20th and immediately made the iTunes charts within hours.

Starset front man Dustin Bates posted a picture of the album sitting at No. 1, on iTunes, on his Instagram captioned, “Wow #vessels is doing pretty well I’d say.” Vessels is the second album of Starset’s since July of 2014. It has been a highly anticipated album since the release of the first single.

If I had to choose my favorite track(s) from the album, it would without a doubt have to be “Telepathic” as well as “Die for You”. “Telepathic” had me interested the moment it started playing. But it had me hooked as soon as Bates started singing. The song has a different sound than the other songs before it. “Telepathic” gives off a pop almost dance vibe which is fitting since the album was said to be more EDM than their previous album. The lyrics to “Telepathic” express more feeling than the usual Starset song does, which also caught my attention. A lyric that has definitely burned itself inside my brain “I don’t wanna let you go, but I can’t stand to watch this.”

As for “Die for You,” I was pulled to because it’s slower as well as emotional lyrically. A powerful and emotional lyric would be “There’s no pain that I won’t go through, even if I have to die for you.” The song is not only catchy but shows off Bates’ vocal talent as well.

Another song I’m really loving is “Gravity of You”. The song features Bates doing a little bit of screaming. The surprise screaming in the chorus gives the song its own bit of edge. When I first heard the chorus, it made me think of British screamo band Bring Me the Horizon.

The whole album has a Sci-Fi movie sound to it. Watching interviews of the band, it was disclosed that just like the first album, this album has its own story to go along with it, hence sounding like a movie soundtrack at times.

Of course, naming these two songs doesn’t mean I dislike the other 13. It’s that I love the other 13 as well. But I chose to define two of them and let you listen to the rest for your own pleasure and consumption.

The only downside to this album is that the track “The Order,” first song on the album, is too short. The song is only a minute and seven seconds long, compared to the other songs averaging at about four minutes long.

This album is spectacular. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, probably the best album I’ve heard in a while. If you’re looking for new music, you should definitely give Starset’s Vessels a listen. You can find them on various music streaming apps including; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and even YouTube. Check them out!

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Review: Vessels has sci-fi sound